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Hi Confused. As I'm sure you know, 70 is a little cool for a Betta fish. And one-gallon is a little small. It's tough to keep the temp right in those little tanks, and you're right to be concerned that a heater might warm things up too much. My advice is always to consider at least a 5-gallon tank.

We suggest a 5 gallon tank for the happiest and healthiest betta fish. Small tanks and bowls are not .

I recommend tanks of a least five gallons for a single Betta fish. Some people put their fish in tanks as small as one gallon, but in my opinion this is far to little space. Bigger is better. Like any tropical fish, Bettas need to swim around and have a little room to be happy and healthy. One word of caution: Bettas do not like fast currents, so if the filtration in the tank is pushing him around it could be causing him stress.

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As bettas are really sensitive to environment change having the ability to maintain a proper ecosystem for the betta fish tanks are a must. We can all agree Betta fish are often sold as easy-to-care-for, low-maintenance pets. And while they are generally hardy fish, they still produce waste like any other fish and their tanks will eventually need to be cleaned.

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I habe two Betta. Both male. Both in their own tanks. One is on my night stand in a 1.5 gallon tank that has the filter, heater, couple of real plants and a small cave he likes to go in and out of. The tank also has a led light and is covered. The second is in a 2.5 gallon glass bowl. We rigged the same type of filter with suction cups to work in the bowl and got a heater also. He also has a couple of plants and a cave to swim into and play. They both explore and stay active. They have also both discovered their reflections on the walls of the tank. One tank has a led light and one tank does not have a light. I have read that the lighting in the area or on the tank needs to be changed so this does not continue to happen. Seriously one of the fish is on the head hunt going after himself fiercely. What suggestions do you have for me.

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