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Once a week, or at most once every two weeks, you will need to perform some kind of maintenance on the tank. Most of the time you will be performing water changes. You will also have to feed your fish at least once a day. Setting up and running a fish tank does cost money. There are recurring expenses such as replacing filter media, buying food, etc. Check out the page to get an idea of the setup costs involved. If you are up to the challenge, please proceed!

i want to know if i can put my light on the bottom of the tank i am going to have goldfish

@Corey, there are fish that betas will get along with. Neon tetras would be a good match if the tank is big enough for more than just your beta. With betas you don't want any long finned fish (no mollys!), or another kind of labyrinth fish (no gouramis). But an algae eater or bottom fish (think cory cat) and neon tetras would be good tank mates.

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Contemporary fish tank crafted in hues of captivating red looks more like a lasting work of art What fish species would you recommend for a 10 gallon tank? I have a 10 gallon that has been running for a few weeks now, and it's got some dwarf hairgrass and other plants growing in it. Looking to add some fish now, and would love any advice on what type and how many to put in there. If possible I'd like to have some small bottom feeders from the catfish family, maybe some ghost shrimp, and some small, pretty schooling fish like guppies or neon tetras to swim in the middle and top of the tank. Would this combination of fish work? If so, how many of each? Thanks!

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Hi, I find this article very helpful, but I just got my betta fish yesterday. I know for the most part on how to take care of them I just have not had one before. Someone got this for me so I would really love to have it happy with its new home. As of now, I have him in a 1gallon bowl without a heater or filtration. I have one little plant and some pebbles. I really think I need to at least get him a two gallon tank, but I do not have much space. Could you give me some tips on bowl cleaning, feeding, water changes, or anything else I need to do to make my fish happy. As of right now he does not look very happy. Any recommendations will be truly appreciated. Thank you.

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