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According to , fin and tail rot is caused by a bacterial infection. There are mixed reports of which bacterial species causes this disease. Some of the possible bacteria include Flavobacterium columnarae, Cytophaga spp., Aeromonas spp., Pseudomonas spp., or Flexibacter spp. Like HITH, this disease is more common when fish are stressed by poor environmental factors such as overcrowding, low oxygen levels, or poor water quality. The infection can also occur in tissue that is first damaged by wounds or abrasions.

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When fish are sick, they deviate from their normal behavior like every other living being on being sick. You can sense their sickness by a close observation of their aberration from their routine behavior. Fish tend to lose their appetite, become lethargic, restless and even indulge in aggressive fighting and scratching against stones and decorative objects in water tank.You should take care in every possible way to ensure that your fish remains healthy and fit. This may range from providing proper hygiene and medication to best quality tank water and environment conditions. So, here are some of the commonly occurring diseases in fish.The common symptoms of this ailment are that the skin comes off in patches and become dark, in initial stages small white patches may appear all over the body and this is seen in newly placed fish in the aquarium.The common symptoms of this ailment are that in internal tumors, swelling or distention may occur while in external tumors, growing on skin occurs that may cause problem in feeding and results in an unattractive fish.The common symptoms of this ailment are rotting and decaying fins, black/brown fin edges, fray fins, inflamed base of fins, white dots on fins. Milky white areas appear in the fins or tail, particularly around the edges that results in fish laying on the bottom of the tank.

How do I treat my pond fish for ich and other diseases?

Fin and Tail Rot is one of the most common and most preventable diseases of aquarium fish Goldfish under a lot of stress might develop fin rot, a bacterial infection also known as tail rot. Fin rot is usually a secondary infection that may infect your fish if they’re already stressed from another goldfish disease or injury.

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Tricide-Neo is a patented dip to aid in the treatment of topical baterial infections such as ulcer disease, fin rot, tail rot and mouth rot. Fish can be dipped every other day for one week. The fish are dipped into the bath for 3 to 7 minutes -- that's fast !!

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