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The 14,000K spectrum is a very white light that gives a crisp blueish-white tint to the water. Most aquarists prefer 14,000K over 6,000K T5s for the look they give their saltwater aquariums.

These Coralife Aqualight T5 aquarium lighting fixtures use normal output T5 bulbs and are recommended for use with fish only tanks.

T5 Fluorescent aquarium lighting systems are the most energy-efficient fluorescent aquarium lighting options available. Systems are available to fit any tank and bulbs are quick and easy to replace. T5 lighting is common on any tanks from Freshwater aquariums to Reef Tanks and available in a variety of wavelengths and outputs. Bulbs should be replaced every 12-18 months for maximum performance. Check out our .

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T5 HO Aquarium Bulbs and light bulbs for fish tank online - Pet Mountain The most popular and common types of bulbs and fixtures available to light your aquarium include , (mogul and HQI bulbs), (T5 HO bulbs), (PC), (T12 VHO bulbs), and (NO). For aquariums requiring high intensity lighting (like a reef tank), we recommend looking at a metal halide bulb system, LED system or a fixture that contains T5 bulbs (or a combination of these). For a fish only system, you can choose any type of fixture you choose with Normal Output fish tank bulbs being the most common.

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Coralife Dual Fixture High Output T5 Aquarium Light Fixture provides significantly more light than traditional fluorescent fixtures. A great way to bring out the natural beauty of your aquarium. Adjustable legs allow you to adjust the fixture to meet your aquarium needs. The fixture includes 10,000k daylight & actinic blue light high output lamps ideal for use in saltwater, freshwater and reef aquariums. The low profile, sleek design doesn't distract from your aquarium's natural beauty. The high output daylight bulb simulates the natural sunlight glow while the blue light bulb emulates the softer shades of blue light found at dawn, dusk and in deeper water.

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