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The Euroquatics E5 Retro Series LED tubes are a very promising step in the advancement of LED aquarium lighting, and it’s the holy grail for a whole generation of faithful T5 lighting users. Tens of thousands of reefkeepers have stuck to their fluorescent T5 lamps while watching the solid state lighting revolution take hold of the wider reefing hobby.

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There are few drawbacks to the SHO light for aquarium use; one such drawback is that in any "tube light" some of the light that shines up from each tube just reflects right back into the tube and is lost (this is called "Restrike"). HOWEVER, the spiral design & especially the use of an optional reflector tends to limit this minor problem and based on extreme plant growth achieved this is obviously not as much a factor as some may claim (this is essentially a problem with ALL compact Fluorescent lights).
As well, while the SHO does not produce nearly as much heat as a Metal Halide, the simple fact of the wattage used by these lights still produces heat, so a well vented hood or the use of a reflector is advised ( light should be placed in a ventilated hood/canopy as trapped moisture can quickly damage any light whether an SHO, T5 or LED).
Finally the only other potential negative is that these SHO lights are more of a DIY lighting application, not an out of the box and place on your aquarium light applications as with many T5 & LEDs; so those who do not have DIY abilities, time, or simply desire an out of the box light might find this is not the light for them.

T5 LED Aquarium Light - MARINE WHITE

The images below are the most related to Underwater Led Tube T5 Led Aquarium Reef Light(15Mm/16Mm) Buy LED replacement tubes for T5 fixtures are way overdue in the aquarium hobby, can you imagine if we had these back in 2010 or 2011? The lighting landscape would be much more different than it is now, and perhaps 2017 will be the year that we really see these gain favor with aquarists hoping for the best of both worlds, replaceable T5 + LED in one fixture. []

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The B5HO LED tubes from Biotek Marine are the newest retrofit tubes designed to replace T5 fluorescent lamps in the aquarium hobby. The Biotek Marine B5HO name doesn’t score any points for originality, and will probably cause some confusion with the tubes that paved the way, the E5HO tubes from Euroquatics.


1. T5 High luminous efficiency of LED tube lights, top SMD5050
2. Built-in constant current, input voltage 12-24V, can use all kinds of constant voltage power supply; contains easy-to-buy laptop power and other universal power supply
3. Waterproof IP65
4. Easy to install; free deck, screws, 3M adhesive
5. Long life: 40000hours. Maximum temperature rise of 25 ° C
6. Continuous series, maximum series length of 10m (24V input)
7. Warranty: 3 years
Scope of application:
Mall stores showcase lighting
Home cabinet lighting, aquarium fish tank lighting
Advertising decorative lighting
DIY Replacement of fluorescent tubes
Sunlight Supply has been cautiously dabbling in the market for LED aquarium lights, first in distributing AquaIllumination LED products and now with a couple new LED lights of their own. The SS-LED is populated with LED tubes similar to the SunBrite LEDs and they will be available as a row of four LED tubes or with half the tubes being of the fluorescent/phosphorescent T5 variety. Like the the SS-LED will only be available in four foot increments and each LED tube will be rocking 22 one-watt LEDs either in white, 460nm blue or a combination of both.