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Most novice fish owners begin with a freshwater bowl or other types of beginner fish tanks. A desktop aquarium kit complete with a freshwater fish tank, filter, filter cartridge, lighted hood, water conditioner, and fish food is the perfect way to get started as an aquarist. While these kits contain the basic accessories most beginner fish tanks need, there is more fun to be had in choosing your own plants, rocks, colored substrates and decorative ornaments. There are saltwater aquariums that have been specifically designed for display on shelves, while some are equipped with reversible backgrounds to change with your mood or home décor. There are even octagon-shaped fish tanks that act as unique tables, hold up to 28-gallons of water, and never fail as an interesting conversation piece for entertaining guests.

5 Gallon Aquarium Kit Glass Fish Tank Supplies Filter Starter Tank Just Add Fish

Acrylic made fish tanks are always a great choice to buy, and when you are getting a complete set of it, then do not turn your head anywhere. Also if you want to improve the kit, you can always add extra equipment according to your needs. But for the start, I will definitely recommend this kit to you.

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NEW Aqua Culture Aquarium Starter Kit 29 Gallon fish tank pump filter LED Glass The kit comes with almost things you need to set up a tropical fish tank. An are also included to keep the water in the constant 78 degrees for tropical fish. If you are a beginner and don’t know where to start a tropical fish tank, the kit is a great choice to get the work started.


The Marina Style Aquarium kit is yet another good choice for any beginner because it comes with everything you need to get started, except for the fish. This kit comes with a slim filter set that simply clips on to the side of the tank, plus the cartridges are very easy to change, and the slim nature of it does not take up much space in the tank. The tank itself is quite durable so you don’t have to worry about it breaking any time soon either.

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Below we have breifly highlighted 9 Of The Best Starter Fish Tank Kits you can buy for under $100 that would be a great gift for the upcoming Christmas season.This fish tank starter kit from Fluval comes with an overhanging light sytem that has a whopping 37 LED lights that provide great effect for your plants and fish.The Back To The Roots Water Garden is a great fish tank starter kit. It’s a closed-loop, self-cleaning ecosystem that uses the science of aquaponics.Aqueon has made a number of quality aquariums before and this starter kit is no exception. Setting up the fish tank is easy and there’s a care guide so you don’t have to do any guesswork. Aside from the tank the package comes with a quality LED lighting system and quiet filtration that has a flashing light when the filter needs to be changed, and the unit comes with a heater and thermometer as well.