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java moss, java fern and anubias nana are good plants for a starter aquarium? will they get along nice with all kinds of fishes?
if not, what are the best fresh water plants (low maintenance and fish friendly) for a starter?
thanks in advance.

What saltwater fish do you think makes a good start for the saltwater aquarium newbies?

I can vividly recall my visit to the local pet store after acquiring my first aquarium more than 40 years ago. I had no idea what fish would do well in my modest 10-gallon aquarium. When you search the tanks of fish stores, no doubt you have seen that some of them provide labels with basic information, such as the fish’s name, maximum size and compatibility. Although these labels are a good starting point, your next source for information would be the sales staff. In addition, I suggest joining a club, talking to other aquarists and accessing other resources, such as the Internet, books and magazines.

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But if you do decide to start a 10 gallon aquarium, then you should know the best fish for . What makes a fish species a great beginner saltwater fish or saltwater starter fish? There are a few key attributes that are most important if you are a looking to add a great to your saltwater aquarium.

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A great saltwater starter fish should also have vibrant colors and a vibrant personality. A starter fish is going to be one of the first fish you add to your aquarium, and as a result, it might be the fish you have for the longest period of time. No sense picking a mild-mannered or drably colored fish–a great saltwater starter fish should be vibrant.

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Welcome to our Saltwater Aquarium Fish Guide! On this page you will find articles that will get you started on the right path when setting up that first saltwater aquarium setup. There is a lot to learn if you have never kept a fish tank before, but don't get discouraged. The learning process can be quite fun and probably the best advice that we can pass along is to always do your research before you buy anything for your aquarium. Good luck and if you have any questions don't hesitate to hop on the Fish Lore forum and ask a question. There are lots of hobbyists on the forum that are willing to help.It can be a difficult task to find the right beginner fish when you’re starting out in the aquarium hobby. Not only are you confronted by dozens, or even hundreds of colorful and interesting fish at the pet store, but you often have no idea what each fish needs to keep it healthy and happy.
This article will give you a general introduction into the three main types of saltwater tanks. When getting started with saltwater it is recommended to get the biggest tank you can accommodate. Bigger tanks give you more room for error when it comes to water quality and this is especially important for salt water fish and invertebrates. There are basically three types of saltwater aquarium setups: Fish Only, Fish Only with Live Rock - FOWLR, Reef Tanks.When you hear home aquarium, you will automatically picture your standard fresh water tank full of goldfish and other familiar fish. This is a great start for anyone wanting to get into owning an aquarium, but what about a saltwater aquarium?