Standard Aquarium Tank Sizes and Dimensions

Ask the clerk at the local fish store to measure the aquarium dimensions, and then measure the corresponding hood out of the box to see if it actually fits the tank being purchased. Go through the same procedure for the aquarium stand or cabinet as well. It’s a good idea to physically inspect products at the store before buying. Sometimes items are returned by customers, put into the wrong box and then resold. One may think they are getting an item according to the size written on the box only to find out that what they ended up with is it not what they expected. So measure and check before leaving the store It just saves the time and trouble of not getting it right and having to return the items later. It’s better to think twice and pay and pour once, as opposed to pay, pour and regret.

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Mattenfilter dimensions: Width x Height x Thickness (measure your inside tank dimensions before ordering to ensure it fits). The sheet should be 0.5-1.0″ wider than the open space between the glass to sit tight.For reference here are the standard aquarium sizes for and (Marineland) glass tanks. Note that these are outside sizes.

Standard Aquarium Sizes and Dimensions

Standard Aquarium Dimensions. Sizes are (LxWxH), Imp gal, gal. 18x12x12" (45x30x30cm) Aquariums come in many standard shaped and sizes. Below is a list of the most current standard tank dimensions. Can’t find the right size and shape for you? to view some of our custom tank solutions. Would you prefer to have a sales representative call or email you with a personalized quote? Please fill out the following and a member of our staff will reply within 2 business days!

Standard+20+Gallon+Aquarium+Sizes Standard Aquarium Dimensions Chart.

Aquariums come in many shapes and sizes. Although there are plenty of custom sizes, the majority of aquariums fall into certain standard sizes. Knowing the , shape, and weight is very important when choosing a tank and stand, as well as a location to place them. What are the dimensions of standard tanks? How much do they weigh once you fill them with water? You can find all that information on the . Don't forget that you need an aquarium lid too. Here's information about .


This slight difference in aquarium dimensions may not be a significant concern in most cases. But it’s something to keep in mind, especially if buying a tank of one brand and an aquarium hood, cover or an aquarium stand of another brand, for instance.The actual aquarium dimensions;
Room for the aquarium stand or cabinet;
Space between the back of the aquarium and the wall; and
The amount of free area around the front, sides and above the tank.