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This affordable, yet classicly designed aquarium stand, will give your aquarium the attention it deserves. This Aquatic Fundamentals Black Scroll Aquarium Stand is available in four different sizes to adequately showcase a variety of aquariums and terrariums, ranging from as little as10 gallons to as large as 55 gallons. Featuring a moisture resistant powder-coated finish, this metal fish tank stand has been designed for long lasting durability. Boasting a stunning and classic scroll design that runs down each side of this stand, this aquarium or terrarium stand is bound to complement an array of interior home décor and will look great in practically any home. Constructed from durable steel for exceptional strength, this stand will stunningly showcase the beauty and tranquility of your terrarium or aquarium. After you invest a significant time and resources setting up the perfect aquatic habitat for your fish or the best exotic habitat for your pet reptile, choose the best stand to showcase all of your hard work. This stunning aquarium and terrarium stand comes ready to assemble along with all of the necessary parts for assembly.

This is the best stand for anyone looking to keep a 55 gallon fish tank. It built strong, has storage, and has very secure joining mechanisms.

Hello Bob, I own a 55 gallon aquarium and also started a site on it. you have mentioned few best stand for 55 gallon fish tank which can be suitable for them. I’ll refer my readers to your guide for stands.Thank you.

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Are you looking for a strong, reliable base for your aquarium? Check out our buying guide for 55 gallon fish tank stands that will help you choose the best. On the other hand there are some drawbacks of wood stands for 55 gallon tanks. The main one is that not all types of wood do well with moisture. You need to make sure that the wood has a good finishing on it to prevent damage. We would recommend getting a wood stand that is made with MDF (medium density fiberboard) over particle board. The reason for this is that particle board will eventually fall apart if exposed to enough moisture! We don’t have to tell you that would be a disaster for your pet fish.

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Petco Brooklyn manufactures a variety of fish tank stands in different sizes — from a up to a 55 gallon one. And this 55 gallon stand is one of the noteworthy products for their customers. Being constructed from solid steel makes the stand sturdy and durable that can withstand the weight of a 55 gallon aquarium full of water for many years. Most buyers would recommend the stand because the durable materials used would last longer compared to wooden stands.

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If you do not live by Petco or Unleashed by Petco you may return the stand to Amazon within 30 days of the initial purchase date. On your Amazon account, go to orders and select the Petco Brooklyn stand. Request a return shipping label. Securely package the stand and send it back to Amazon via UPS using the return shipping label from Amazon. You can choose to get credit back in the original payment form or in the form of an Amazon gift card. The Aquatic Fundamentals 55 gallon upright stand is made out of dense fiberboard. This material ensures that the whole stand supports your fish tank instead of just corners.Although there are many different sizes of fishtank stands for sale, the 55 gallon size seems to be one of the more popular sizes. There are many reasons for this with the main one being that it is not too big but also not too small at the same time. It can be used for more aggro fish like African Cichlids or for smaller fish as well. When it is full of water it weighs in at a whopping 550 pounds. This means that you can’t simply stick it on a table or it will break, you must get a proper tank stand.