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Three decades of experimentation have left me with an unabashed preference for Tetra’s line of sponge filters, which is not to say that other brands will not work. These are the only air-driven units on the market where the working surface of the sponge mass is proportional with its total surface area. The filters are designed to handle a range of aquarium capacities from 10 to 100 gallons. All of the larger units are easily mated with the several brands of rotary impeller-driven power heads on the market. This upgrades their capacity by as much as 50 percent.

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A new sponge can also be place right next to another sponge filter or in the substrate of the aquarium, which will seed it very quickly. This is excellent option if another sponge is needed quickly, for something like hospital tank.

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Leave a comment, feedback and review below for sponge filter for aquarium The way a sponge filter works is very simple and need to be powered by an (buy separately). Air tubing is placed in the center of the sponge blowing the air from the air pump out which makes a pressure pulling water through the sponge. By this way, any floating debris in the water will be sucked into the sponge leaving your aquarium with the great looking water.

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The missing of the sponge filter is chemical filtration that traps organic mater leaving your aquarium with the clear water. However, this type of filtration isn’t too necessary for a small fish tank with regular water changes and the truth is that people like to replace it with some more biological filtration.

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