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A glass terrarium is similar to the fish aquariums you’re familiar with, except that a terrarium is not waterproof. “Terra” comes from the Latin for “earth,” which makes sense because terrariums are designed for land-dwelling animals such as snakes and other reptiles.

Learn how to set up a snake aquarium in this Howcast video about pet snakes.

Hobbyists have used aquariums as snake cages for as long as people have been keeping them as pets, but aquariums are not ideal cages. Aquariums have length, depth and height suitable for fish, which use available space much differently than snakes do. Though it is easy to find aquariums with 4 feet or more in length, and those with lots of height are available, most don't have much depth. Ideally, snake cages should have 18 to 30 inches of depth.

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Having an aquarium heater in a sump rather than in the actual tentacled snake aquarium, reduces the risk of escape and injury.. Cornelius, the resident corn snake at Great Lakes Aquarium, was found near the University of Minnesota Duluth in July of 2010 by someone mowing his lawn. Since this kind of snake is not native to this area, she was probably a pet that was released and would not have survived a Minnesota winter. Cornelius serves as a reminder of what it means to be a responsible pet owner: many people assume that their pet would be “happier in the wild” when in reality, release is a harmful option for both the pet and the local ecosystem.

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Most simple setups for smaller reptiles usually consist of an incandescent light sitting on the lid of an aquarium. Other times, a light and a heat pad are used. This is usually adequate for most beginner reptiles (anoles, bearded dragons, corn snakes)

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