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I was mainly trying to cover the hitchhiker snails that often mysteriously appear in an aquarium. Most of the ones you describe have to be specifically purchased, but it’s a good to cover apple and mystery snails in another article in the near future. I’ll definitely post that when I get the time.

The Nerite snail is renowned for eating algae off of almost any surface in the aquarium.

Indoor aquarists should use caution when disposing of snails, or when disposing of material – including water – from tanks with problem snail populations. It’s very easy for snails or snail eggs to “hitch hike” on aquatic plants, gravel, etc. thrown into the garbage. From there, it is very easy for them to find their way into nature. Aquatic plants should never simply be thrown out anyway – they should be dried fully, preferably in an oven at 350 degrees, before disposal. This prevents their introduction as well.

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Some other snails should probably be avoided in the world of aquarium hobbyists. This is a great snail to have in freshwater aquariums because they don’t actually reproduce in freshwater aquariums. Moreover, they spend all of their time in search of algae on hard surfaces and in the . They are some of the best fish tank cleaning snails around.

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Although they are not really group animals, keeping at least 3-4 assassin snails is usually recommended. There seems to be a bit confusion about the minimum tank size for them, but at least 10 gallons (38L) should definitely be enough for a group that size! Because assassin snails naturally bury themselves and wait for their prey to appear a sand is preferred, although it’s not a must. The water should ideally not be too soft, as this could lead to deterioration of the shell, and as with all tropical fish and invertebrates the aquarium should be filtered, heated, fully cycled and free of ammonia and nitrites.

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A baby Apple SnailSome people love them, some people hate them. Snails would probably be more welcome in aquariums if they weren't so prolific. They do serve as good aquarium janitors. they will eat any leftovers, gathering it all up, processing it and then leaving it in convienient little packages known as "snail droppings". Snail droppings are much easier to remove than the fine crud that they eat, hence the snail is a very valuable addition to any fry tank.Universally the least liked or most under appreciated snail is the Pond Snail. It usually gets into your aquarium on new plants. Since these are native snails and sometimes harbor parasites and other nasties they are considered a real pest.