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When algae foul up your beautiful plants, discolor your tank's walls and generally make your aquarium appear unflattering, some types of snails come to the rescue. The slow-moving creatures eat the greenish and brownish clumps that pop up inside your tank, leaving it looking nice and clean. Snails as a whole have a reputation for consuming lots of algae, but only certain species chow down on the organisms. Nerite snails are by far the most effective freshwater algae-eating snails. Apple and mystery snails occasionally pick at algae, but don't expect them to serve as your primary cleaning crew. Pond snails and ramshorn snails eat algae, but they can breed incredibly fast and overrun your tank. On the saltwater side, common algae-eaters include nerite, turbo and margarita snails. Nassarius snails are also common in saltwater tanks, but they're not big algae-eaters. Know that nerite snails will breed in saltwater but not in freshwater.

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Keep in mind that the types of snails you get will depend on the fish tank, the fish, and the amount of cleaning that the tank needs. For example, some people may want assassin snails to control the population of other snails, while some people may not want them because they only have beneficial snails. The choice is really up to you in terms of which freshwater aquarium snails that you need.

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Ramshorn Snail .:. Planorbis rubrum .:. Freshwater Aquarium Snail Species Information Page An owner of an aquarium emporium contacted Hanna Instruments for assistance in monitoring the nutrient levels of their freshwater breeding tanks. They had a test kit that provided a color change when testing the aquarium water; but despite good test results, their tanks still seemed to be off-balance. The snails appeared to be lethargic with slow growth rates and significantly hindered reproduction rates. This evidence of poor snail health troubled them not only because of their retail value, but also the snails’ use in cleaning the freshwater fish tanks. Based on the symptoms, the emporium suspected that the tanks were deficient in calcium. The customer detailed that it was difficult to determine nutrient levels when using the test kit due to subjective and subtle color changes.

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The unique characteristics and wide variety of Freshwater Snails provide an appealing addition to your aquarium. Freshwater Snails feed on nuisance algae and are great for keeping your tank clean.

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