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So, how did these unwanted snails get in your tank? The most commonsource for pest snails in the aquarium is live plants. The live plantsavailable in the pet trade are often raised in outdoor ponds in warmerparts of the U.S. or in southeast Asia. These outdoor ponds are hometo many varieties of snails, but also home to their natural predatorsincluding varieties of all different kinds of animals. However, thesesnails lay their eggs on the plants, then when the plants areharvested and shipped to wholesalers and then on to pet stores, thesnail eggs come along. It is also possible to get snail eggs fromdecorations (or other equipment) that have been used in an infectedaquarium and are then transferred to your tank. Snails can alsooccasionally be transferred with fish if a snail is accidentallycaught in the net with a fish and transferred to the bag, then"rescued" from the bag when you get the fish home. Occasionally, wildsnails will be caught in nearby streams, ditches, or other waterwaysand deliberately transferred to the tank.

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The problems start when their population gets out of control. Snails breathe, create waste and decompose when they die just like any other fish or animal in your tank. They add to the bioload, meaning your aquarium not only needs to support your fish, but an ever-increasing population of snails as well. They are so tiny that a few of them surely won’t matter, but if you let things get out of control before long you’ll find that the tank, and the fish, are under constant stress.

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Pond Snail Care - How to Pest Removing, Feeding and Purchasing Pond Snails for the Fish Tank. An in depth guide to Pond Snails in the planted aquarium. In addition to edible matter that grows naturally, a Gold Inca Snail should be fed supplements of fish food, bottom feeder pellets and algae wafers. Its not a good idea to think that snails can survive solely on naturally growing matter as the snail may starve. In addition to store bought food, a Gold Mystery Snail may also like supplements of washed soft blanched vegetables such as leaf lettuce, iceberg lettuce or green zucchini squash. Experiment with different vegetables to see what the snail is interested in. Generally, if a snail is not interested in the vegetable after one day, I take it out. Leaving uneaten vegetables in the tank too long is not good for water quality. The same goes for overfeeding with fish food and pellets.

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A Gold Inca Snail can do well in a wide range of aquarium water conditions. Staying within the tropical community fish tank range is a good start. My preference is for moderately moving, clear, oxygen rich water. Some hobbyist suggest that a Gold Inca Snail can do well in still water on the murky side. That may work too, but for aesthetic purposes, my personal preference is clear tank water.

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