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Aquarium snails aren’t really the same kind of pest. They can be beneficial in small numbers, and help to keep your tank clean and tidy. If you can manage to keep them under control you may just consider them another inhabitant of your fish tank.

Algae-eating herbivores like plecostomus, otocinclus, crabs, and snails control algae and detritus in your aquarium.

Keep in mind that the types of snails you get will depend on the fish tank, the fish, and the amount of cleaning that the tank needs. For example, some people may want assassin snails to control the population of other snails, while some people may not want them because they only have beneficial snails. The choice is really up to you in terms of which freshwater aquarium snails that you need.

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300ml Aquarium Fish tank Snail Cleaner control Remover planted co2 water plant .. Should you find these unique snails in your tank, please take a moment to appreciate the beautifully weird convolutions of their shells and, if you can, leave them alone to live out their weird little existences. Dislodging them will almost certainly kill them – if not from breaking the shell, then from the fact that they will no longer be in a desirable feeding position when moved. In most aquariums they are totally harmless and interesting animals and problems generally only arise when you let them get a bit out of control due to too many particulates in the water.

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Obviously, aquarists can do a lot to help protect wild waters from invasive snails. First and foremost, aquarists should be careful to avoid introducing snails into the wild. Many, many aquarists will purchase snails to control algae in outdoor ponds, including the Asian Apple Snail and the Chinese (or Japanese) Trapdoor Snail. Both of these species can become invasive, and both of them gladly cross land. Apple lay a mass of eggs that may hatch as many as 200 offspring, rapidly over populating a pond. Given even a small rainstorm or morning dew, and these animals begin to wander from the pond, across the lawn, and potentially into a storm drain and on to the local river. Birds and other animals also may assist in moving them. Buy only tropical – not winter hardy – snails from a reputable dealer, or – better yet – purchase only native snails. Additionally, consider addressing the cause of the algae, rather than relying on snails to clean it. High fish loads, too much fish food, and not enough pond plants all contribute to algae.

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