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Spotted Turtles are small but quite active, always foraging and exploring their environment. They should be provided with as much room as possible. A well-designed 20 gallon long-style aquarium is adequate for a single adult, but additional room is always appreciated.

Jan 18, 2017 - Hence, you need to ensure that you are picking the right size for the small turtle aquarium so that the pet mini turtles stay safe and comfortable.

Turtles need enough room to grow so make sure your tank is large enough. A lot of freshwater species of turtles can grow to 12″ long. The 20 and 30 gallon aquarium sizes are going to be a bare minimum of what you can use for housing turtles. We get a lot of emails asking if 5 gallon aquariums work for turtles. The answer is a NO because they are too small.

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Turtles that Stay Small: Finding the Perfect Pet Turtle | Pet Territory This is one trick that worked with my turtles, I got my turtles at a really young age but this may also work with older turtles. Buy about four dozen mosquito fish (very cheap) and dump them into the tank. If the turtles eat them then keep buying more, eventually your turtles will become uninterested in the fish and you can start adding other fish, in your case goldfish. Also, you do know the sizing in that tank is horrible. Here let me help you out. Assuming that you keep your turtles until adulthood you will need at least and 80-100 gallon aquariumGoldfish need lots of space too contrary to popular beleif One comet (common) goldfish: 30 gallons add ten gallons for each goldfish added after that One fancy goldfish: 20 gallons add ten gallons for each fish added after thatPlease get the right sized aquarium, no matter how small the animal it's still considered abuse.

Seems easy to make with just a little silicone.

Turtles make a mess. A good filter is essential. For adult turtles, finding a filter that is strongenough, easy to clean, and reasonable in price is not easy. I have yet to find such a filter that Ireally like. When I moved my turtle to a larger setup, I modified a pond pumpand made my own filter system. Here are some commercial filters that may work for turtleswho are not yet so large as to clog the filter quickly. I used Duetto filters with my lizard andsmallturtle. Some turtle keepers recommend aquarium canister filters. Here is a link to one and alsoto a turtle filter that while it seems it would work for largermesses, actually has less gph (gallons per hour) than the Duetto.

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Even small turtles need plenty of living space. For aquatic turtles this means tanks. Buying a larger enclosure early will save you money. There are plenty of suitable alternatives to glass aquariums that will provide equally as much space (if not more) for a fraction of the price. The only sacrifice you make is the aesthetics of a glass aquarium. Believe it or not, solid and opaque walls are healthier for your turtles. Make sure you check out prices before purchasing that cute little turtle in the pet store. Just as important, make sure you have the room for a tank of the proper size. Enclosures for tortoises and terrestrial turtles can be less expensive than aquatic turtle habitats, however they do require a more hands-on approach. There are no great terrestrial habitats available commercially. A good terrestrial habitat can be made from things like bookshelves, or unused pieces of furniture that you remodel. Try googling a tortoise table! Most aquatic turtle keepers who keep their turtles indoors use aquarium tanks designed for fish. Others prefer large storage containers, others use small-sized children's wading pools, and still other people have tanks custom-designed to fit some spot in their homes. Some people even build indoor ponds for their turtles, which are really cool if you have the space -- and the money.