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Turtles need enough room to grow so make sure your tank is large enough. A lot of freshwater species of turtles can grow to 12″ long. The 20 and 30 gallon aquarium sizes are going to be a bare minimum of what you can use for housing turtles. We get a lot of emails asking if 5 gallon aquariums work for turtles. The answer is a NO because they are too small.

Jan 18, 2017 - Hence, you need to ensure that you are picking the right size for the small turtle aquarium so that the pet mini turtles stay safe and comfortable.

One of the biggest challenges to keeping pet turtles is satisfying their space requirements. Though not as popular as larger turtles like red-eared sliders (Trachemeys scripta elegans) and painted turtles (Chysemys picta), mud turtles (Kinosternon sp.) are small and therefore, much easier to cage. While stock tanks and outdoor ponds are suitable housing for mud turtles, aquariums provide better visibility for observing their endearing behaviors.

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Nungwi Natural Aquarium: Nice small turtle aquarium - See 297 traveler reviews, 224 candid photos, and great deals for Nungwi, Tanzania, at TripAdvisor. Building an outdoor pond for pet turtles is something that turtle enthusiasts dream of and new turtle owners should consider. Indoor aquariums are the most popular form of housing for many initial turtle enthusiasts and are usually suitable for small turtles, but they present a problem when it comes to staying clean, especially as the turtles grow to adult size. Filtering systems that are suitable for keeping aquarium fish may help, but they are usually inadequate for turtle inhabitants given that the water level must be kept near the top of the aquarium to work properly. Besides, most turtles will outgrow an aquarium, especially a 10-gallon aquarium, and a larger habitat will be necessary. This fact is something that new turtle owners should know when first acquiring their turtles because turtles have a long life span. The truly avid turtle enthusiast is conscious of this and seeks to provide for the turtle’s long-term needs.

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You can add and some small green plants inside the aquarium to give the baby pet a nice and natural atmosphere even if it’s inside an unnatural setting. Making a more natural environment and enclosure for your baby turtle can help lessen the stress on the baby pet. You also have to secure the enclosure and never to allow your pet turtle to roam around your house.

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Provide your turtles with a basking area. Red-eared sliders spend a significant portion of their time out of water, and must be able to completely dry off. Consequently, the more land you can give your turtles, the happier they will be. For small turtles, a floating island or piece of wood is sufficient. For larger turtles, you may need to build a rocky land area or cut wood and attach it to the side of the aquarium or pond. The land area should support your turtle's weight and should allow your turtle to become completely dry.It is very important to stay aware of the differences in size between male and female turtles. As a general rule of thumb, males are typically smaller than females. It is very rare for a turtle to stay tiny, but you can find turtles that stay under 5 to 6 inches. Just because they stay small, you still want to buy a nice sized aquarium so they can stay active and healthy. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a fortune like you would with some types of turtles. Before purchasing any pet, it is always a good idea to give the decision a lot of thought. Sleep on it. Do your best to determine if you are ready for the responsibility. The next step is the fun part: deciding what type of pet to buy.