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Silver Dollars are good candidates for dither fish. Their unique body shape prevents them from being eaten even at a small size, and their thin body profiles keep their addition to the bioload of the aquarium minimal. Silver dollars find comfort in numbers so keeping them in shoals of less than 3 is not recommended. They are active swimmers and compliment the slow moving/lurching of the oscar.

DO NOT attempt under any circumstances to keep an Oscar fish of any size in such a small aquarium

To answer your Q from my own experience as it seems that what counts the most here which is great! When i first got my large Oscar (Oscarami!) she had been rescued from some fool that had kept her in too small a tank, because of this she had a massive chip if you know what i mean. She too, despite being very aggressive in the care of the fish shop was very very shy when i first got her, she found an area of the tank, dug a hole and stayed there!!!! She got more adventerous the next day and following on finally started to come out more, then she started destroying the plants and making sure that i knew she was watching me when she was hungrey!!!!!!!!!

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Oscar fish Small tank The cost is generally between 5 to 15 dollars for young, small Oscars with a large spaced tank will cost somewhat around 100 to 300 dollars. Also, it will be good if you do some research before you buy your fish as price varies and depends on various parameters.

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The primary component of your Oscar fish’s diet should consist of a quality pellet. There are many available and each (quality pellet) will contain enough of the necessary proteins, vitamins, and plant/algae to provide your Oscar with the necessary nutrition. Cheap pellet food will not. I do not consider flake foods as acceptable foods for an Oscar. If they steal a few veggie flakes from the SDs, fine, but don’t plan on flakes being the primary component of your Oscar’s diet. Flake foods are nutritionally inferior to pellet foods and finding a flake big enough for an Oscar is difficult. When feeding Oscars, a quality pellet should be your primary choice, even for juvenile/baby Oscars (get a small pellet).

Choose tank companions for your Oscar fish very carefully