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A story was carried by Associated Press that received wide play in newspapers and on television concerning the latest pet fad in Japan — the keeping of jellyfish, especially by single Japanese women. I am not sure how widespread this fad actually is in Japan, but when I was there in January, I visited a number of pet shops and saw only one small jellyfish tank on display, and only one other store had a single jellyfish specimen for sale. According to the story, the hypnotic swimming movements of the jellyfish were felt to have a calming effect on their owners.

Jellyfish for sale. 3 Large Jellyfish. 150.00. buy jellyfish online. 1 Medium + 2 Small Jellyfish. 90.00. buy jellyfish online. 1 Large + 2 Medium Jellyfish. 130.00.

Moon Jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) are translucent to the eye and are commonly recognized by their 4 horseshoe shaped gonads (stomach) in the center of their moon shaped body. Being transparent makes these jellyfish the perfect pet for desktop aquariums and jellyfish tanks as they glow like the moon when a colored LED light is shined on them. They have very short tentacles compared to other jellies and are non stinging. Moon Jellyfish are found in every ocean and in a wide range of temperatures, it just so happens that our small moon jellyfish for sale here are ready for room temperature settings although they need to be acclimated.

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1 Medium (2"diameter) + 2 Small (1"diameter) Moon Jellyfish

A Free jellyfish with every order