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How do the bubbles increase the oxygen level in the water? When I was a beginner in fish keeping, I mistakenly believed that the oxygen in the small bubbles produced by the air stone could more or less be dissolved by the water before they reach the surface. This is all wrong. The oxygenation process in fact takes place when the bubbles burst at the water surface creating surface movement. The increased water surface movement can promote the gas exchange between the water and the atmosphere. This is the very reason why you may not even need an aquarium air pump if your filter system already creates enough water surface movements in your fish tank. It is also the very reason why it is not required to place the air stone at the bottom of the tank, because the distance between the air stone and the water surface does not matter at all. What matters is the bubble bursting at the surface.

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Whether you really need a fish tank air pump is dependent on the fish you plan to keep in. Therefore, the answer to the question is a Yes or even a No, sometimes. For the large fish tank with small amounts of fish, you don’t need any air pump. Otherwise, for the small fish tank at home, an air pump is very much needed if your fish are high aeration need.

Will any pump fit that small of a tank

Find More Pumps Information about DC 6V 9V 12V Small Mini Motor Air Pump Aquarium Fish Water Tank DI... Hi my goldfish recently died and I don’t know what I did wrong?! I had a filter and an oxygen shell and I only had one comet goldfish. I am considering buying an air pump for my next fish. Is my tank too small? I don’t live in America so I don’t work in gallons but my tank is tall and deep (roughly around 30-35cm tall and 10-20 in length?! I’m really confused please help:)

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One of the main categorizations of aquarium air pumps is size. If you have lots of fish or lots of accessories, you are definitely going to want to get a bigger pump. Moreover, if you are using fairly large air stones, due to the resistance they create, you will also want to use a bigger filter. A general rule of thumb is that the less resistance is in the pump, such as if you are using small air stones or none at all, and the less oxygen demand your tank has, the smaller the pump can be.

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Aquarium Air Pump, Super Silent Small Fish Tank High Efficient Oxygen Breathe Water Pump up to 10 Gallon with Filter Air Stone and Tube (White Round 110v) *** Click image to review more details.There is the specific benefit of having an aquarium air pump for a highly populated fish tank. The more fish there are in a small confined space the more oxygen the water needs to contain. So, one benefit of having an aquarium air pump is that it will allow you to safely house more fish in the same space, at least when it comes to oxygen requirements. This is something that technically speaking, a good aquarium filter should be able to do on its own, but an aquarium air pump will definitely help.