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Take a look at our list of the top 15 most contaminated fish on the market today. Avoid eating these or eat them in very small quantities, unless you are an expectant mother, in which case, avoid these fish entirely. However, we will list the at the end of this article, too, so keep reading!

Dec 7, 2015 - Federal biologists are taking a small fish found in desert creeks of Southern Oregon and Northern California off the endangered species list.

Sharks qualify as the "duh" fish of our list, but no aggregation of handling advisories would be complete without at least mentioning them. Chances are that if you're targeting sharks, you've got at least some experience in handling them or are fishing with someone who does. If not, then enjoy the fight. With fish small enough to lift from the water (about 20 pounds), get a wrap on the leader and pop the line a couple of times. They fish will typically come free.

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The saltwater fish you're looking to keep in your small saltwater aquarium need to have a few characteristics to make the list below However, many do start with just a small fish tank, so we want to give you a list of items to use with your small aquarium so that you can increase your chances for success in tropical fishkeeping. If you need help with setting up your new tank, check out the page.

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Below is a typical start-up kit for a small 2 gallon mini-bow aquarium. It comes with a lighted hood, a small packet of sample fish food, an undergravel filter and a small air pump. You will need to get some other items as well for your aquarium. As mentioned previously, a small tank can be more work than a large tank because you really have to stay on top of those water changes to prevent the small aquarium from becoming too polluted. Here is a list of the bare minimum things to have for any small aquarium:

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This Indo Pacific fish inhabits warmer coastal waters of the Red Sea and East Africa to southern Japan and the north coast of Australia. It is not actually a herring, but fairly closely related to them. It can grow to over 40 inches, but is commonly 24 inches. It has increasingly become a commercial catch, sold fresh, frozen or salted and dried. It is also caught at a very small size, less than 4 inches, for production of fermented fish sauce in Vietnam - the only form I've seen this fish in here in Southern California. IUCN Red Listed DD (Data Deficient).
Whilst this list is just a small example of the types of fish you can keep at home in a beginner aquarium, we believe that these 13 are perfect for those with little experience, and each tick all the boxes we mentioned before, when looking for tropical freshwater fish.