Power Filter for Small & Desktop Aquariums: Azoo Palm Filter

DIY external filter. This is the final version of my prototype. It works better, and i use it in my aquarium. It's very efficient, and there is apsolutely no danger for water to come out. Water intake is at the bottom. The filtration material is lifted 1 cm from the bottom. Reason for that is: if filtration material is touching water intake, then filth is collecting fast in a small area around intake, and then the water flows slower. The pump is at the top, just benieth the lid. The lid has 2 holes. One for water to go out from the filter, and one for el. wires. To get the wires through the hole, you will need to cut them, and after getting them through bring them back together. Make sure everything is airtight. To make sure it is, use silicone around holes. Hot glue gun won't work. The pump is connected to the hose at the top.
Before you turn it on, fill the filter with water. The best way to do it is to put it completely under water when it's open, and then close it.
I used a small pump from a house fountain. It says 300 l/h, but I think it's a bit less. The pump is from "Jebao", like this one:

2 images before puting the filtration material inside:
A view inside:

Pump at the lid:

Feel free to ask any questions :)

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Choose a right filter type based on your aquarium size, fish types, requirements, and budget. For normal use on small – medium fish tanks (under 50 gallons), using an external or internal power filter is enough and economic.

I can't see putting an eheim on a tank that small.

123 Results - Small fish tank aquarium super silent wall hanging waterfall filter oxygen pump aquarium external plug-in water pump filter External filters usually provide a good water cleaning and chemical values control. Each brand has a different design of the internal structure of the filter, anyway usually both classical and hang on filters are divided into small removable baskets or sections. Surely external filters are easier to clean because during this operation is impossible to dirty the aquarium. Moreover often classical external filters have the possibility to close and leave attached at the aquarium the way in and way out pipes, so you can clean the filter in another room, such garden or bathroom, without pouring out dirty water around.

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The hang on external filter is a quite new filtering system. It consists of a rectangular box that hangs on the aquarium glass by a curved side. The pump is situated in the way in and gets water with a solid pipe, while the way out water creates small falls passing on the curved hang on side of the filter. These filters are really nice to see and are thought for small aquariums, anyway due the hang on part they need to be placed on open aquariums, or you have to modify the closure of the aquarium top.

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