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So what’s considered good circulation? Circulation can vary from tank to tank depending on how the tank is decorated, the type of inhabitants you have, tank dimensions and more. Generally speaking, fish only tanks should have enough water flow to turn the water over about 10-40 times per hour (tph). Tanks with soft corals should be turned over about 10-30 tph. Mixed reefs (soft and hard corals) and tanks dominated by large polyp stony corals should be turned over 30-50 tph. Small polyp stony coral aquariums should be turned over at least 40-80 tph. These are simply rules of thumb and may not apply to every tank, but by having adequate water flow, the tank should naturally run cooler.

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One of the things which we absolutely love about the design of this aquarium is that it looks simply amazing. It has a 3 stage tank design with a cascading waterfall feature and a curved shape. This is probably one of the coolest looking fish tanks that we have ever seen, plus it is big enough to look impressive, yet compact enough to fit in a tight space or on a relatively small desk.

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Appealing Unique Fish Tanks 113 Cool Fish Tank Ideas Diy Cool Fish Tanks Small Great information that should be taken to heart when first starting an aquarium of any size, but particularly the small ones. I had a friend of mine one time that had a 7 gallon reef tank. He had the coolest lighting and all that was in it was some coral and some tiny shrimp - no fish. He said the tank wasn't big enough. He was pretty well an expert on marine tanks - had a huge one at home. This 7 gallon he kept on his desk at work. It was mesmerizing because of the way he had it decorated and watching the little shrimp move.

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Fish tanks are calming and add life to a room, making them ideal additions to an office. You don’t need a lot of space or to add extra work to your day to keep an aquarium in your office. An office desk fish tank is small enough to sit right on your desk and is easy to maintain. These cool small fish tanks for the office desk are designed with the style of the modern day office in mind.

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If you are looking for a cool fish tank or aquarium starter kit for your kids, then look no further. In today’s post, we are going to show you some of the coolest kids fish tanks on the market these days. Not only for their user-friendly nature, but also their safety, durability, and how well they work in any space big or small.