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Even though cold-water fish are rich in heart-healthy fats, some varieties are high in mercury. If you consume too much you may develop mercury poisoning, which can affect your central nervous system. Mercury is safe in small amounts, but pregnant or breastfeeding women, small children and elderly adults should limit consumption of certain types of cold-water fish. Mackerel and tuna often have high levels of mercury, although light canned tuna is usually low in mercury. Salmon is one of the safest types of cold-water fish to consume, since it is relatively low in mercury, reports the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Coldwater Fish in Small Standing Waters (Nigel P. Lester, Paul E. Bailey, and Wayne A. Hubert)

Hi there. I have a 60lt tank which is cold water. In there I have 2 common goldfish about 2 inch big, 2 small plecs ( cant remember what type they are but the shop info says it grows to 5 cm) and 4 shrimp. Can I have other coldwater fish in there? The shop I got the shrimp and plecs from said I cant because the goldfish will eat smaller fish but if im correct the other coldwater fish I can have grow to about the same size as the plecs. So why can I have the plecs but nothing else?? Any info thanks.

Usually, small fish are much easier to care for then larger fish.

Answers for small-broad-headed-cold-water-fish-up-to-lee-%28anag%29-%287%29 crossword clue Hello Joshua, I can’t recommend adding anything else to that tank…it is already pretty crowded. Feeder goldfish like those I believe you are referring to are the same fish as pond goldfish that grow up to a foot or more in length and produce a lot of waste. Even a single fancy goldfish should have at the very least a 30-40 gallon aquarium; common goldfish like yours should be in a pond or at least a very well-filtered aquarium of 90 gallons or more. You can read more about their care in our blog . I’m not sure which pleco or loach you are referring to but many plecos and loaches would also grow too large for a tank that small and mixing tropical fish like those with coldwater fish like goldfish can be risky.

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Hello Todd, A 10-gallon tank is very small – too small, really – for goldfish and keeping that tank clean will be nearly impossible. Fancy goldfish should have at least a very heavily-filtered 30-gallon tank and common goldfish will need much larger. I can’t recommend putting anything else in that tank and would recommend upgrading the tank size. Goldfish are coldwater fish as well and the recommendations in this blog entry are tropical (warm water). You likely have a water quality issues that is feeding the algae and it won’t go away until that is addressed. Have you tested the water quality, and what are the values for pH, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and Phosphate to start with? Is the water itself green or is the algae on the surfaces inside the tank? Knowing more about the tank will help us address the issue.

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