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So you but you don’t have the room for a 5-gallon Betta tank. Well, there are some great small Betta fish tanks out there that can make a perfect home for your Betta without taking up too much space on your counter or desk.

Betta fish prey on small insects / insect eggs / larvae at the water surface

Now that your accessories and pebbles are in the same container, you can begin cleaning the accessories. The bottle brush comes in handy for cleaning accessories as it is able to reach areas you would otherwise miss. You should be able to actually feel when your tank accessories are clean. They become slightly slimy to the touch over time as they reside in the tank. If your accessories have built up a large amount of slime you can use a small drop of dish soap. Keep in mind if you choose to use a soap you must make sure that you have completely rinsed the soap off before you can put them back into your tank. If I need to, I will use Dawn dish soap since it is safe for wildlife. It just gives me a little piece of mind that it is safe for use on my betta fish habitat.

My Betta Fish's Tale Is Still Small

We rank the 5 Best Betta Fish Filters below, the models listed below are available in smaller and . Betta Fish have also been termed “Siamese Fighting Fish” due to the male’s aggressive, territorial behavior. Typically, males housed together will posture (face one another with flared fins and gills), and may even attack each other. As a precaution, it is a general rule of thumb to house males solitarily. Female Bettas, on the other hand, do well when kept in multiples; a group of female Bettas is called a “sorority”. Betta Fish are naturally found in rice patties, canals, and small streams in Asia. This species of fish does remarkably well in small aquariums of stagnant water. Because they excel in bowls and small aquariums, Bettas have become the perfect fit for the classroom, workplace, bedroom, or kitchen countertop. While wild Bettas are typically brown in color and exhibit short, plain fins, Bettas have been selectively bred in captivity to enhance desirable color and fin characteristics. Pet Bettas have come a long way and there are now many beautiful color and fin variations on the market today. Betta fish are very hardy and easy to care for, making them a simple pet to brighten almost any space.

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Unlike other fish, Bettas can live in small aquariums. However, do not attempt to house a Betta in anything less than half a gallon of water. Most desktop aquariums and bowls range between 0.5-1.5 gallons, a suitable space for a single Betta. If the intention is to house a group of female Bettas, it is recommended to provide a 2.5-gallon aquarium or larger, depending on how many you intend to keep. Whether using bowl or tank style aquarium, fill the base with 1-2 inches of pre-rinsed aquarium gravel or sand. Pre-rinse and place a few plants and/or decorations to provide some concealment and areas to rest (yes, Bettas are known to “relax” and lay on plants and décor from time to time!). Fill the aquarium with reverse osmosis (RO) water, or tap water conditioned with Stress Coat (an instantaneous dechlorination and slime-coat promoter). Furthermore, begin your tank with a dose of QuickStart to establish a colony of beneficial bacteria, and a pinch of aquarium salt (dose according to label directions). Use a tank with a lid or leave the water level of an open-top bowl 1-2” from the top in order to prevent the Betta from hopping outside of the aquarium.

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