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A woman I know has a small acrylic aquarium and had 3 goldfish and whatlooks like a Pleco of some type. She called me and told me that shecleaned it out with vinegar water and rinsed really well, she told mejust the aquarium not the rocks or any thing else. She then put herfish back in.

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Glass is much denser than acrylic, making it heavier. Acrylic tanks can be as much as 4 to 10 times lighter than their glass counterparts meaning they are a great choice if you haven’t quite decided where your aquarium will be placed, long term. While the lighter weight means a smaller or less durable stand could be employed, keep in mind that the water, not the tank, makes up weight in an aquarium. Acrylic tanks will be substantially lighter than glass tanks, but once you factor in water and decorations, the weight difference might not be that noticeable.

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Replacement Pad Kit, SMALL for ACRYLIC Aquariums (Fits Piranha & Hammerhead Magnet Cleaners) Hi, I am rather humbled to ask, but what is the "lifespan" of acrylic aquariums for both larger and smaller models? I ask because I have been in the tank maintenance business for 25+ years, and some of my clients tanks are that old or older.

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Another big consideration is whether or not you plan to have a reef aquarium in this tank. It sounds quirky, but I’ll never voluntarily put a reef in an acrylic tank again. The combination of high light levels, coralline algae growth, sand, and high expectations, combine to make the prospect of fitting a reef inside a custom acrylic aquarium somewhat unappealing. From the perspective of a person who cleans the inside windows of aquariums big and small, glass makes my job so much easier. Thus it will do so for you as well.

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ATM, (Acrylic Tank Manufacturing), captures the beauty of living art by producing custom aquariums and acrylic exhibits. Our portfolio is extensive and includes a wide range of eye-catching projects. Our expertise has allowed us to build some of the world’s largest aquariums and install hundreds of custom acrylic viewing panels all around the world. The variety of projects we’ve been involved in have included major hotels & casinos, zoos, museums, theme parks, restaurants, retail centers, as well as private individual clients. We have had the pleasure of working on reality shows as well as outfitting the homes of top celebrities. We have carried out projects with small contract values to multi-million dollar price tags. Our expertise in exhibit waterproofing ensures peace of mind and our extensive experience in underwater viewing panel installation ensures that the client’s vision is fulfilled. We design and create all over the world and we have the capability of executing projects of any size.Midwest Custom Aquarium specializes in custom acrylic aquariums of all shapes and sizes.
From the small and standard to the truly one-of-a-kind, we have the knowledge and capabilities to produce the acrylic tank you are looking for.