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Feeding a pup raw isnt real different than feeding an adult raw, more red meats and just a bigger portion honestly, but its your choice. I am currently feeding the pups here Victor brand, just switched them from TOTW PS and am liking it much better. Stick with what works, Id just feed him some good raw bones like beef/pork ribs and give him something to gnaw on I should mention that raw sawdust is like $1 per kg so it's really cheap but it's clean meat with some fine fine bones and fats. I'll have to assess him now on Orijen if he does well on it. I got he six fish.

Based on the ingredients included in Orijen Six Fish Dry Dog Food we give a 4.8 stars score.

You will never find a food with as much meat content as Orijen, however Annamaet (from word of mouth only) seems like an excellent food. I would personally feed the Aqualuk over the others, since the others contain a lot of novel proteins. Orijen is also extremely expensive because of the meat content, but it looks as though Annamaet is fairly expensive as well, though you do get a 30lb bag for less than a 28.6lb bag of Orijen Six Fish.

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Evaluating by its ingredients alone Orijen Six Fish Dry Dog Food seems to be a highly recommended dry dog food. Orijen Six Fish Dog Food includes hand-harvested sea vegetables. These ingredients are rich in essential B vitamins, trace minerals including zinc, manganese, and selenium.

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Also, when looking at the quality of ingredients between the two(for that matter any brand of dog kibble), the SIX FISH hands down is one of the best dry kibbles on the market, low potassium and calcium %(for grain free), safe high level of animal protein, quality animal/fish based proteins and fats, no meat meals (everything is fresh). I will have to review the future potential changes, but in the two years we have been customers, the Orijen product changed once previously as well and it changed for the better. You can't go wrong with either Orijen or Acana. I must say that Orijen kibble is pricey, and after comparing the cost with EVO or Wellness, I have been resisting the urge to re-try these other brands. Cosmo is a picky eater , now with the SIX FISH he immediately inhales his food, whereas with the other brands he has hesitated.

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ORIJEN SIX FISH is loaded with unmatched inclusions of whole wild-caught fish, whisked to our kitchens from cold New England waters FRESH or RAW in richly nourishing WholePrey™ ratios.ORIJEN SIX FISH is loaded with unmatched inclusions of whole wild-caught fish, whisked to our kitchens from cold New England waters FRESH or RAW, in richly norishing WholePrey™ ratios.After a lot of research Orijen Six Fish seems to be the best option, especially since I want to take her off puppy food now that she's getting older. She has responded very well to salmon in the past so fish seems the way to go. It would be either that or Acana Grasslands.Orijen Six Fish is a grain free formula made with salmon, herring and flounder, wild-caught whitefish, walleye, northern pike, and regional fruits and vegetables.