Artificial Aquarium Plants: Hagen Marina Silk Plant Variety Pack

Many seasoned and first time aquarium owners opt for artificial fish tank plants because they offer a low-maintenance and lifelike décor solution. Although they can’t serve as a food or an oxygen source, they do not require consistent monitoring for proper lighting, decay, parasites, and water chemistry. You will find that the artificial aquarium plants for sale at Petco are also very easy to install, clean, and switch up. Artificial aquarium plants can also be set up in any tank regardless of water type, so you can feel free to add a coral reef with silk plants to your freshwater ecosystem. If you want to recreate a more natural environment for your betta fish, you can reduce their stress with aquarium plants for sale which double as beds for your pet.

Petco Forest Vine Silk Aquarium Plant $ 5.99 2.5"W x 13" H Background Plant

These artificial aquarium plastic and silk plants are the result of much research into unique and hopefully popular aquarium plants as well as careful design.

Each plant replicates the color and form of an existing species. Never has it been so easy to design a fresh or saltwater aquarium with compelling groupings of life like forms.
Combine different colors, shapes, and heights of these plastic and silk plant for an incredibly natural aquascape.

Save yourself the worry of maintaining real plants that fish like to uproot or eat. 'SunSun Plants', SeaGarden, & Aqueon Plant décor requires no planting and very little maintenance.

All these artificial plants décor are completely safe for freshwater and saltwater aquariums.
Simply rinse décor under warm running water prior to initial installation and for subsequent cleaning.

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This Top Fin Sword Leaf Artificial Aquarium Plant is a gorgeous silk plant that will transform the look of your aquarium. This pla Marina Naturals Dracena Plants are silky soft artificial aquarium decorations that create realistic beauty and natural hiding places for fish. Made of "soft touch" silk, these plants will not fade and require no maintenance.

Non-aquarium silk plants in tank

Many people opt for artificial silk plants in their aquariums over raising live plants. Many aquatics do poorly with tanks with live plants and let's face it, raising live plants takes a lot of work. You can get artificial silk plants in just about every pet supply chain store, and they range in price from cheap to very expensive. You can make DIY artificial aquarium plants with a few silk plants from a home decor store, aquarium gravel, a cupcake pan and aquarium-safe silicone.

Vivid coloration and realistic ..

There are two types of plants for an aquarium: live plants and artificial plants (which can be made of plastic, silk, or other textiles). They all have their pros and cons and depending on your available time, dedication, and kept, determining which is best for you can be quite difficult.Resin Ornament - Mopani Wood With Silk Plants Sm. BLUE RIBBON PET PRODUCTS - BLUE RIBBON MOPANI WOOD SILK PLANTS SM. Mopani Wood With Plants Small - Exotic Mopani driftwood creates a dramatic two-toned look with the addition of floral greenery, perfect for your colorful aquarium or terrarium. Provides the natural look of real African wood without the worry of contaminants. Long hollow tunnels provide safety and cover.