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Live tropical fish food is exactly what you think it is. The food is still alive when you introduce it to the tank. Brine shrimp, Daphnia, Feeder Goldfish and worms are usually the main live foods given to tropical fish. Many give feeder Goldfish to their and . If you plan on using live foods, caution is advised because feeder fish can bring fish disease along with them.

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Bamboo Shrimp have a non-aggressive disposition and have no claws or pincers to either attack or defend themselves. Bamboo Shrimp tank mates are generally any community tank inhabitants including medium size tropical fish. Don’t mix Bamboo Shrimp with Goldfish, , Jack Dempseys or other cichlids because the Bamboo Shrimp will be eaten. can also attack and eat Bamboo Shrimp as well.

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Nano Aquarium,Freshwater Aquarium,Shrimp,Tropical Fish,Fish Tank,Fresh Water,Blueberries,Underwater In addition to that, baby brine shrimp can be easily digested. They also have the ability to survive for several hours when placed in a tank filled with baby tropical fish. This ensures that the tropical fish are provided a continuous supply of food, and that they get to grow in a tank in which the water’s good quality has been maintained. A number of commercial fish foods easily dissolve in water and affect its quality.

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These small, intensely colorful fish are great types of tropical fish for your shrimp tank. They can be kept alone, or in shoals, or even with groups of other peaceful fish. Harlequin Rasboras generally prefer water that is slightly acidic and soft, but they can be kept in neutral or ever so slightly alkaline water without too many health problems. Note that they do like to eat live food, as well as flakes, and so if you are trying to breed shrimp then keeping them together is not such a good idea when the babies start popping out.

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Although not suitable for aquariums under 10 gallons (38L), Amano shrimp are a fantastic addition to peaceful tropical community tanks. They are bigger than dwarf shrimp, which means there is less risk of them being eaten by your fish. They also don’t breed as easily, which can definitely be an advantage if you don’t want 500 shrimp within a year.The problem with shrimp and different types of fish is that for many of them, shrimp are the natural food for many types of freshwater fish. Many types of tropical fish see shrimp as delicious snacks, or even a part of their staple diet, and so if you go putting predatory fish into your shrimp tank, or vice versa, then you are almost certainly going to see a feast of shrimp, in which your beloved shrimp are on the menu.