Best Self Cleaning Fish Tanks to Save You Time & Money

Proper nitrogen cycling ensures that the inorganic nutrients and other important minerals are kept within proper balance, and, therefore, is of high importance. This is one of the most basic concerns in establishing a well-functioning aquarium. Striking a balance between the nitrogen producers (fish) and nitrogen consumers (plants) so that the cycle is as largely self-contained as possible is the end goal. Nonetheless, proper maintenance will involve testing nitrogen levels and changing water when levels become too high.

Self Contained Aquaponics Kit Betta Fish Aquarium by Hydrofloria, $79.95

If you are not particularly sold on a aquaponic system for a variety of reasons, including the cost or need for plants, the biOrb Classic is your best option. This self-cleaning fish tank is designed for both form and function. It’s aesthetically pleasing and comes in a number of sizes: , , , and . The tank itself has a built in filtration system that includes a pump, air stone, filter cartridge, and ceramic media. The entire low maintenance filtration system is completely self contained. Water circulates through the ceramic media where fish and other waste are collected and toxins are absorbed. The remaining water and waste then pass through the sponge filter cartridge cleaning the water and trapping waste and particles. Clean water is then oxygenated and pumped up to the top of the aquarium. This system and it’s self cleaning process is really great and will cut down on your cleaning and maintenance time tremendously.

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Self Contained Aquaponics Kit Betta Fish Aquarium by Hydrofloria, $79.95 The Goldfish Garden is an innovative self-container aquaponic aquarium fish tank that doesn’t need to be cleaned every week like other aquariums which you might already be having. Moreover, this unique product, which features a patent-pending design, lets you effortlessly grow herbs, such as basil and oregano, without adding any water or nutrients whatsoever.

the bigger the tank the bigger you're fish can be.

The self contained JBJ NanoCube offers the easiest solution for the hobbyist that demands high-tech performance in a miniature environment for their aquarium fish and corals.

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