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These compact, easy to use tanks include all the equipment you need to keep fish!This gorgeous 6 gallon pillar aquarium includes the clear plastic, seamless aquarium with hidden BIO-Wheel filtration, pedestal base, filter tower and tower cover and the cool new hidden LED Lighting – white, daylight LEDs and Blue, moonlight LEDs that ensure aquatic enjoyment any time,

Ocean View Piano Aquariums. Seamless Curve Glass Tanks. 170 gallon Overall dimension: 62

Regular water changes are a critical part of freshwater aquarium maintenance. Switching out part of your tank’s water allows you to more closely control the level of debris and toxins. To do a water change, you will need to get the fresh water ready and siphon out the dirty water. You can also take this opportunity to clean up your gravel and remove algae from the tank’s walls. Gently adding the water back in makes the process seamless for your fish and can create a sparkling tank.

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Ocean View Seamless Bow Front Glass Aquarium Special 1353x1917 · Aquariums & TanksNew Seamless Glass Aquarium Fishtank Curved 600x596. Acrylic is highly versatile and strong, making it ideal for large or oddly shaped aquariums. Optically, acrylic is superior to glass, being near perfectly clear and without tint of any kind. Acrylic tanks are seamless at the corners having no panel joints, so there is no silicone seal to view or worry about during cleaning. It is posible to repair scratches with the right buffing materials.

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Reef Ready Aquariums are aquariums that are pre-drilled and will come with an overflow system. An overflow system is designed to skim the water surface of your aquarium to pull dissolved organics and waste out of your tank. These tanks are designed to work with a sump setup. A reef ready aquarium is the best choice for flexibility and long-term investment. They provide the best starting point for a hobbyist looking to build a complete system. The main advantage from a reef ready system over a drilled standard tank is that the reef ready tanks are drilled at the bottom. This allows you to setup a very clean and seamless look in the back of the tank without pipes sticking out. Many of the new reef ready tanks coming out these days are coming equipped with innovative overflow systems as well. If you want to start out on the best foot possible, a is the way to go.

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