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Can anyone suggest a hardy, schooling fish for tropical waters (plant safe duh!) I have heard that my favorites (cardinal tetras or rummy noses) are kinda lightweights. I'm still a beginner at this stuff, and I'd like something that can handle minor dumb mistakes as much as possible.

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Schooling forage fish are subject to constant attacks by predators. An example is the attacks that take place during the African . The African sardine run is a spectacular migration by millions of silvery sardines along the southern of Africa. In terms of biomass, the sardine run could rival East Africa's great . have a short life-cycle, living only two or three years. Adult sardines, about two years old, mass on the where they spawn during spring and summer, releasing tens of thousands of eggs into the water. The adult sardines then make their way in hundreds of shoals towards the sub-tropical waters of the . A larger shoal might be 7 kilometres (4 mi) long, 1.5 kilometres (1 mi) wide and 30 meters (100 ft) deep. Huge numbers of sharks, dolphins, tuna, sailfish, and even killer whales congregate and follow the shoals, creating a along the coastline. When threatened, sardines (and other forage fish) instinctively group together and create massive . Bait balls can be up to 20 meters (70 ft) in diameter. They are short lived, seldom lasting longer than 20 minutes. The fish eggs, left behind at the Agulhas Banks, drift north west with the current into waters off the west coast, where the larvae develop into juvenile fish. When they are old enough, they aggregate into dense shoals and migrate southwards, returning to the Agulhas banks in order to restart the cycle.

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Schooling tropical fish beneath pier - buy this stock photo on Shutterstock & find other images. Tropical Freshwater Community Fish | Freshwater Tropical Fish Species: Harlequin Rasboras 2 inches; active schooling fish; may nip fins of slower moving tank mates if not provided enough space; prefer planted tanks. Tags: aquarium, tropical, pet, fish.h

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The schooling bannerfish is widespread throughout the tropical, subtropical and temperate waters of the from the eastern coast of , included, to and and from south to ().

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