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Obviously these are levels that cannot be measured with the naked eye but with saltwater aquarium water test kits that are designed to not only pick up these values but give you steps to ensure these values are maintained and/or how to apply a fix if something in your tank is off balance. The tests can range from full aquarium saltwater water test kits to aquarium test strips. Your level of familiarity with these tests and your history as a fish own will decide which test is going to work best for you.

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I’ve heard this statement from water treatment plant operators: aquarium water testing kits are nothing more than toys. Reef aquarists were finding high nitrate in their newly prepared saltwater. A quick test of their tap water showed high nitrates and in some cases ammonia and nitrite. By drinking water laws and standards, the treatment plants were in violation. Their response to the aquarists was to simply blame the test kits for “inaccurate and false” readings. Some marine aquarists spend hundreds of dollars on aquaculture grade test kits, believing the higher price delivers a better kit. The truth is, the test methods used in liquid aquarium test kits are basically the same as many of the field test kits used by marine biologists around the world. In fact, many aquaculture facilities use aquarium test kits because they are accurate and simple to use. So don’t let anyone tell you that aquarium test kits are unreliable. Verdict: Myth

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Saltwater Aquarium Test Kits are essential for measuring and maintaining proper water parameters Aquarium water test kits can be one of the most important and crucial purchases you can make as a fish owner and proper caretaker for your saltwater fish. This is especially true for saltwater fish tanks and the marine fish that live there. The water of this ecosystem is as delicate as the ocean themselves and in need of constant monitoring, that means you’ll want to get yourself the best saltwater aquarium test kit you can possibly get.

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Most novice fish owners begin with a freshwater bowl or other types of beginner fish tanks. A desktop aquarium kit complete with a freshwater fish tank, filter, filter cartridge, lighted hood, water conditioner, and fish food is the perfect way to get started as an aquarist. While these kits contain the basic accessories most beginner fish tanks need, there is more fun to be had in choosing your own plants, rocks, colored substrates and decorative ornaments. There are saltwater aquariums that have been specifically designed for display on shelves, while some are equipped with reversible backgrounds to change with your mood or home décor. There are even octagon-shaped fish tanks that act as unique tables, hold up to 28-gallons of water, and never fail as an interesting conversation piece for entertaining guests.

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