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Aquariums are a beautiful way to add to the décor of any living space. From simple half-gallon fish bowls to large saltwater fish tanks, there are several options to suit your style, experience level, and maintenance needs. Often chosen for being relatively low maintenance and peacefully alluring, fish make excellent pets for owners of varying ages. Saltwater aquariums and reef style fish tanks generally require more care and maintenance than a freshwater bowl or fish tank. However, saltwater aquariums can be more rewarding as they can showcase more exotic species of fish, marine invertebrates, corals and plants. As there are many fish tanks available, it's up to you to determine which maintenance level is right for your home.

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Why not breed the saltwater fish on farms everywhere? Most fish in freshwater tanks—which are much more common, less expensive and easier to maintain—are indeed farm-raised. But breeding saltwater fish in an industrial aquaculture facility requires re-creating the coral reef ecosystem, a technology that is just moving out of its infancy.

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Explore Parker Sherrill's board Saltwater fish that are great for beginners and small tanks are damsels including the chromis. Others include certain clownfish, cardinalfish, blennies, gobies, hawkfish, firefish, basslets, grammas, dottybacks, pseudochromis, along with a few others.

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We have a huge selection of glass fish tanks and acrylic aquariums that are available in all shapes and sizes. We only stock top-tier tanks so you can build your next saltwater aquarium or freshwater tank with confidence. We work with reputable brands like Red Sea, Innovative Marine, CAD Lights and Coralife to offer you the finest all-in-one style aquariums on the market today.

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