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The topics in the quick guide are further expanded, with In-depth information on the types of marine supplies from tanks, filters, and lighting equipment to things to know when choosing your fish and saltwater aquarium care. The steps to setting up the aquarium start with putting the aquarium and supplies together, preparing the water, cycling the aquarium and testing the water, and then add your fish!

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If you are looking for saltwater aquarium equipment such as a saltwater fish tank, visit Pet University to learn more about your equipment options. If monitoring your water parameters on a daily basis and spending a lot of money is your idea of a good time, then you should look in to setting up a reef tank. Seriously though, if you are just getting started with saltwater, you should probably leave the reef tank for a future time when you get more experience under your belt. We don't want to discourage you from setting up a reef tank, but we do want to make you realize the amount of research and effort that goes into getting one of these set up. If you've been doing things correctly with your other tanks you are already familiar with researching fish and equipment. Starting with a FOWLR to learn the ropes and seeing if you really like the hobby first before investing in the more expensive reef tank setup can be a good route to take. When buying your FOWLR equipment just keep it in mind that if you like the hobby you will most likely be turning that FOWLR into a full blown reef eventually. Just a warning. :) A reef tank can be very rewarding and breath taking to look at when set up correctly.

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In general, keeping saltwater fish is more expensive and more difficult than keeping freshwater fish. However, once established they do seem to be less demanding and water quality tends to stay better in tanks using live rock. Live plants perform similar (albeit to a lower degree) functions in water filtration in a freshwater aquarium. If you've been keeping freshwater fish tanks for some time now successfully the switch to a saltwater aquarium should not be all that difficult. If you have the desire, the fortitude to do the necessary research before acquiring animals and aquarium equipment and the money necessary to run a saltwater aquarium, then by all means go for it! Once you get started you'll be wondering why it took you so long to get into the saltwater side of the hobby.

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There are three common types of saltwater aquarium setups. The Fish Only, the Fish Only with Live Rock (FOWLR) and a reef tank. I really just consider two of those as viable setups. The fish only set up is really kind of difficult in terms of biological control of the filter and (in my opinion) makes it harder to keep a saltwater tank without live rock. Live rock is awesome and will become the primary biological filter in your tank. FOWLR tanks are the way to go for someone new to the saltwater side of the hobby. Reef tanks require a little more precision and can be much more expensive to set up and stock because they require more equipment and more expensive livestock usually.It was time to clean a couple pieces of aquarium equimpment so I thought I'd shoot a video on how to use vinegar to clean saltwater fish tank equipment. This video is really geared towards the beginner aquarium owner. Using distilled white vinegar I clean off coralline algae off of my MP40 pump. I used 100% vinegar dip or vinegar bath to do the job. It only took about 18 hours to completely remove the coralline algae and make the pump look like new. Enjoy.