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Hi Kara, you should consider a sump with an overflow for your marine tank. The single best filtration device for a saltwater tank is a good protein skimmer. A protein skimmer removes dissolved organic waste before it becomes a bigger nutrient problem. . Skimmers work best if they are fed surface water, since dissolved organics accumulate there. This is why an overflow feeding a sump is preferred as it directs surface water from the main tank to the sump. Placing the protein skimmer into the sump in turn makes this a very efficient waste removal system. In addition you should also run an adequately sized standard aquarium filter and/or setup the sump to include a particle filter where the water enters from the main tank. A visit to a knowledgeable fish store specializing in saltwater fish should be able to steer you to the right equipment options for your need and budget.

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To keep the fish and other marine life in your saltwater aquarium happy and healthy, you have to do some basic maintenance. Some tasks you need to do every day without fail; other jobs you do weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. And every three months you need to conduct a thorough examination of all aquarium systems, including lighting, heating, filtration, aeration pumps, and tubing. Replace or clean parts as needed.

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mechanical filtration necessary or not? | Saltwaterfish Forum note: wet-dry filtration, undergravel filtration, bio-wheels and other types of biological mechanical filtration works well for saltwater fish only aquariums. These filters remove ammonia and nitrite gases very effectively. However they do not remove nitrate gases. Low levels of nitrate gases are acceptable in fish onlyaquariums as long as they are kept low by performing routine water changes. Because it is important to keep nitrate gas levels very low in aquariums housing corals and invertebrates this would lead Animal Attraction to recommend other types of filtration for aquariums housing coral, anemone, and fish combinations.

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Wash out your tank with water only! Do not use soap or detergents. Soap residue left behind will be harmful for your saltwater fish. Smoke test your aquarium by filling it with fresh water and check for leaks. If it passes the leak test, drain the fresh water from the aquarium.

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I wouldn't recommend that a newbie start a saltwater tank without live rock. There are just too many benefits to having it in your marine aquarium. It's a great biological filter, provides food for various species, provides hiding places and homes for others and it looks great. There are other benefits too. Check out the article on for more information. Setting up and keeping a marine fish tank stable without live rock can be more difficult than starting one with ample quantities of good quality live rock.
There are three common types of saltwater aquarium setups. The Fish Only, the Fish Only with Live Rock (FOWLR) and a reef tank. I really just consider two of those as viable setups. The fish only set up is really kind of difficult in terms of biological control of the filter and (in my opinion) makes it harder to keep a saltwater tank without live rock. Live rock is awesome and will become the primary biological filter in your tank. FOWLR tanks are the way to go for someone new to the saltwater side of the hobby. Reef tanks require a little more precision and can be much more expensive to set up and stock because they require more equipment and more expensive livestock usually.