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Unfortunately, the fish in your new saltwater aquarium won’t see things the same way. If you aren’t careful in selecting compatible specimens, the fish in your tank will be constantly at—or in—each other’s throats. So, think Salt Smart and avoid these common compatibility blunders when choosing fish for your saltwater community:

Extra Large Lionfish in saltwater community tank.Never bothers any of the other tankmates.

Another area of concern for Connecticut's saltwater fishing community is what many anglers see as widespread ignorance or non-compliance by many of the people who fish in the Sound.

new hampshire community "Saltwater fish tank" - craigslist.

Snappers are generally non-aggressive fish that do well in very large saltwater community tanks. I have a 72-gallon bowfront fish aquarium with a mixed community of freshwater fish. My daughter loves the color and vibrant nature of saltwater fish and I am thinking of converting over. Is it difficult to convert a freshwater fish aquarium to saltwater? Can I just remove the fish and add a sea salt mix to my existing water?

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You should have some idea of what type of fish you want to keep before stocking the tank. Decide if you want a community tank or a species aquarium. Do some research on each saltwater fish before adding them to your aquarium. Learn about the needs and temperament of each species you want to keep. This will help avoid problems later with tank mate compatibility and also avoid any feeding challenges.

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The species known as snappers belong to the Lutjanidae family of marine fishes which includes about 113 different species. These fish can grow up to 3.3 feet in length and they tend to travel in very large schools. Because these fish grow so large and need to be kept in groups, they quickly outgrow most aquariums. In terms of temperament, however, snappers are generally non-aggressive fish that do well in very large saltwater community tanks with other non-aggressive species.Similar to freshwater fish, saltwater fish have special needs based on the ecosystem from where they originate. While there are many species of saltwater fish that will fare well in a community tank, some fish like seahorses should be kept in a single species aquarium. The coral reef system is the most demanding as the corals have specific lighting requirements, water flow requirements, and additional water chemistry needs. Larger tanks tend to handle water fluctuations better than smaller tanks.