Royal Canin Veterinary Diet® (formerly IVD)

This formula is specifically designed for dogs with food sensitivities and who are also predisposed to weight gain. In this diet, there’s sufficient protein in the form of potato and whitefish, which are rarely associated with food reactions in dogs. Enriched with antioxidants for a healthy immune system as well as B vitamins and amino acids to help maintain your dog’s skin, Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Selected Protein Adult PW (Potato & Whitefish) Moderate Calorie Dry Dog Food (formerly Hypoallergenic Selected Protein) is a great choice to get your dog to enjoy food again.

We've tried so many foods and right now he's on Royal Canin White Fish and Potato both wet and dry

My dog has a very sensitive stomach. She was eating Iams fish & potato (I know, not a great food) until it was recalled. I have been trying to get her on one of the higher quality 5 star foods with no luck…..diarhea and gastroenteritis. She cannot handle the high fat & protein (she is a 10 yr old toy breed). After trying several foods the vet insisted on Royal Canin fish/potato and she is doing great. I still do not like the ingredients so if anyone out there has had a similar problem can you recommend another better quality fish/potato grain free dog food? Thanks

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Royal Canin Hypoallergenic HP19, Potato and Duck, (or Rabbit, or Venison, or Whitefish), Skin Support SS 21 But, for dogs with sensitivities, potato and whitefish is a good combination to provide sufficient protein with lower risk of allergens. And, when sourced from trusted farms, you won’t have to worry about pesticide contamination. According to Royal Canin’s website, it puts its suppliers through a very strict process to ensure it gets only quality ingredients for your dog.

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I am considering switching my 15 year old lab/shepherd mix’s dog food. I am currently feeding Royal Canin Hypoallergenic Selected Protein Large Breed Adult PW prescription diet. It is a potato (white potato) and white fish (herring) limited ingredient diet. The reason that I am looking to switch is due to cost. The price has been increasing on and off for the last 3 years and the last time I picked up a bag from my vet it was nearly $106.00 for a 26.4 lb bag, one month ago it was $98.00. She has been on a prescription diet since she was only 5 years old and has had many health problems so I have reservations about switching. She has inflammatory bowel disease and heart disease. Specifically she has an enlarged heart, leaking mitral valve and leaking tricuspid valve. She also had pancreatitis three times in her earlier years. She is on an ACE inhibitor and diuretic for her heart (Enalapril and Furosemide). The prescription diet is for her IBD and not her heart.

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