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Model 50 Bow Front clear acrylic aquarium has a stylish design, rounded corners and lifetime wa...

Removing Scratches From Acrylic Aquariums I just recentlypurchased a brand new Sea Clear Acrylic aquarium and when I wasfumbling around with my rocks in the aquarium I noticed that theacrylic was scratched rather easily. It was verydisappointing since this was a new tank.

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Model 25 CUBE clear acrylic aquarium is spacious yet compact, rounded corners and lifetime warr... Algae magnets work great with acrylic and glass aquariums that have square corners and flat sides; if your aquarium is curved or rounded, these magnets aren't the best option for ridding the walls of algae. The magnet has two parts; one goes on the outside of the aquarium and the other part goes on the inside. The magnet affixed to the inside wall has a cleaning pad; when you move the outside magnet, the cleaning pad attached to the inside magnet cleans off the aquarium wall. The outside magnet has a felt pad so the outside wall doesn't get scratched. You can purchase aquarium magnets at your local pet store or online.

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Since the introduction of acrylic aquarium, different shapes have been added to the traditional rectangular shape including cylinder, hexagon and round aquariums. There are also aquariums designed to be wall mounted and coffe table aquariums. Despite all these innovative designs the rectangular aquarium is still the best as the the area of water surface compared to the water volume is large which is important for allowing the exchange of gases with the air. Other shapes, with a smaller surface area compared to water volume, will often need more frequent water changes and more maintenance.

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More tanks than not will have one or more colored background panels. It is easier to focus on the interior of an aquarium if you can’t see all the way through it. It can be distracting to see objects behind the tank that are not part of it. Plus it simply looks much better with a colored background. Though some will have colored acrylic, most aquarium panels will have a painted exterior. We use a high quality custom paint made for smooth surfaces that will not ever flake or chip off. There are always multiple coats. Black and blue are standard but we have done a variety of other custom colors as well. The picture here with some blue panels is an accurate representation of the blue we use, which matches the blue acrylic used on the interior of the tank. Other pictures throughout this website may look like different blues but it is all the same color. It looks different as the pictures are all taken in different camera light or with different cameras.Question on acrylic aquariums. I purchased a 500 (more like 480) gallonacrylic aquarium. I checked the bonds all around it and all are solidwith no gaps/hazing/bubbles etc. I was actually impressed with theseams. The tank dims are 8 x 3 x 32 inches. Here's where I got alittle uneasy. I test filled the tank and it bowed about 1/2 to 1 inch(eyeballing here). Upon