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And then, at long last, once your trial hardscape truly pleases you, you are really ready to decorate your aquarium. There is a reason for this. Instead, methodically place your arrangements in your tank, one by one. After all, you cannot make any mistakes because you already made all the design decisions and you know that it will work. It is not necessarily the weight of the stones that will crack your glass, but the weight of the stone concentrated on a few grains of sand. Also, rocks placed on substrate will invariably subside over time. And then there are the problems one can have with tank inhabitants! It is amazing what determined digging fish can accomplish in undermining rocks that rest on gravel, by moving just one grain of gravel at a time! Use a clean paintbrush to flick substrate in below rock edges. If this does not do the trick, you may have to flush it in with a little water, which means you might have to siphon that water out again before your final fill, as it will probably be dirty. Then strew your pebbles and small debris in a way that looks natural.

FOR DIY INspiration -- foam + quickrete + sealer. Aquarium Rock Cluster Wall Ornament Fish Tank Reptile Terrarium Decoration.

Shop for aquarium rocks and coral from Petco and build an authentic-looking habitat for your fish and other aquatic pets. Much like other aquarium ornaments, fish tank rocks and coral can provide your pets with substantial hideaways.

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I am wondering if lava rocks are safe for aquariums, I'm wondering this because it would be nice in the brackish shrimp tank I am planning Another tank by Aquarium Design Group. This is still an interior design element, rather than a proper cichlid habitat. I am all for challenging set perceptions, but not if it compromises living organisms. However, it is the idea of the layout I want you to analyse and study: The way elements have been placed, the way the rocks are stretched out and fill the tank from side to side. Learn from that and make it better. Build higher upwards. Use the upper space of the tank to create more nooks and crannies for your fish! There are not nearly enough caves and hides in this scape!

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The first way is to ‘glue’ some of the rocks together with aquarium silicone, or an aquarium safe epoxy. You will probably only do this for your more imortant bases and then only when you are really sure of your arrangement. Also, the silicone or epoxy should be allowed to dry completely before it is ready to go into the tank.

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