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Supermarkets in Beijing appear to have cleared out their water tanks last week after a tip-off of an imminent inspection of retail fish tanks by the local Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which enforces China’s food safety laws.

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My unbiased, and correct, view of live plants is that any tank looks better with live plants, and the fish will do better. Every tank I have (and I have many), except tanks for breeding angelfish, is densely planted with live plants. Some fish really do need live plants. These include most of the small schooling fish, such as tetras, rasboras and the like. These fish need the safety of a thicket of live plants to retreat into or leaves floating on the surface that they can hide under. The more places for fish to hide, the safer they will feel and the more they will be out in the open where you can see them.
Many fish need vegetable matter in their diet, and while those fish are very pleased to be able to chomp on live plants, it will be difficult to keep soft plants with these fish for any length of time. Bunch plants, such as Egeria spp., Cabomba spp., will have a tough time keeping up their growth if there are fish such as silver dollars, mollies or clown loaches in the tank.

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Jan 29, 2016 - Photo of Rainbow Pond Fish - The fish tanks seem to be a continuation of the Borough President’s policy for Staten Island. Instead of giving us the amenities that would be useful to Staten Islanders, such as more seating or retail shops that cater to neighborhood residents and commuters, the Borough President gives us tacky looking eye candy in a vain attempt to bring in tourists.

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Small fish tanks have been making a hefty impact on the aquatics category, as consumers are increasingly drawn to the compact beauty that nano tanks offer. To make the most of this trend, however, retailers need to display stunning examples of these diminutive aquariums.

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Fish aquariums and stuff is idaho’s largest retailer of fish and fish supplies. We specialize in both fresh and saltwater and have a wide variety of soft and hard corals. We have 100+ tanks and thousands of products from dozens of manufacturers.Saltwater aquariums are an incredible ecosystem to observe. Although these types of fish tanks require different maintenance efforts than freshwater tanks, they are just as simple to live with once you become familiar with it. Crystal Clear Aquariums is a leader in saltwater aquariums, focusing on professional manufacturing and hosting a saltwater retail store for our clients who own these tanks.Whether you have a new aquarium or a long-established community, the number one cause of disease being introduced to your aquarium is through the addition of new fish, plants or any other aquatic life. Retail fish stores receive frequent deliveries of fish, often from multiple sources, many times a month. The busiest stores can bring in multiple shipments in a week with an accompanying high turnover of fish in their sales tanks. These are the stores that gain a reputation for their “great selection,” which in turn attracts many customers!What a fish costs. The invoice price isn't the final word in your total cost for a fish. Shipping cannot easily be ignored, especially on larger specimens packed only a few per box. If you're paying $30 total for freight and box charge, it adds a dime to your landed cost of each of 300 Head and Tail Light Tetras, or $5 each if the box contains just half a dozen six-inch Iridescent Sharks. Once the fish are in your tanks, costs can continue to mount with feeding, maintenance and yes, losses. These added costs are not uniform from fish to fish, and are not fully capable of being calculated, but they still should be taken into consideration when determining the retail price.