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I have a Rena XP3 on my 115g and I never saw anything so good, except the Eheim of course. But then, it is very heavily planted, with about 140-150 fish, smallish, and you don't need mega filtration with such a setup. It removes so much stuff from the water I have to rinse it every 6-8 weeks; my Eheims on similar tanks go 3-4 months, but the Rena will very noticeably slow down if left past 2 months due to the stuff it is catching. My water is crystal clear.

All of you who have Rena Filstar XP canister filters: Do your filters stand inside a fish tank stand?

You answered nearly all ny questions (as usual). I was looking at the EHEIM Professionel 3E canister filter, my only concern is the possibility of over filtration. Im planning on getting some fancy goldfish in the future and don't want the suction to be too strong. I know this specific model has flow control, would that be ok. Is this a legitamate concern? If the Eheim is rated for the tank volume, it will be sufficient. One must remember that filter ratings/tank size are usually meant for those with plant-less tanks. Having plants means less filtration [= filter equipment] is necessary, and adjusting the flow down is a good feature (my older model Eheims do not have this, my Rena does). Goldfish are messy fish biologically, but the Eheim rated to the tank should be adequate.

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I have a 55 gallon tank filled about 3 inches from the top, with 2 RES, and about 7 fish, filtered by a Rena XP3 Do you plan on borrowing some filter material and or substrate from another tank to help with the (cycling) of this tank before adding fish? I took down my 72 gallon tank reused the filter with the dirty carbons and all the substrate the tank was completely empty and super clean when I bought it I removed the carbon from the rena filter and doubled up on carbon in my emperor 400 seems to be helping not as smelly so far

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