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Aquasacaping Lab by Tommaso Perini and Serena Sacchi present a video tutorial on description and technical sheet of Paracheirodon Innesi and Paracheirodon Axelrodi, commonly called Neon Tetra and Neon Cardinal. It belongs to the Characidae family and comes from Brazil, from the river Rio Negro and Orinoco. The body is thin and long, big eyes, The back is grayish brown, with a horizontal line large electric blue, sometimes with hints of green, from the eye to the caudal fin. Throat and belly are bright red and transparent fins and and jaw with small teeth. Prefer clear waters, although not clear and slightly acidic. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN NEON AND CARDINAL, Neon small and red strip until mid-belly. Its life cycle is approximately 4 years. The aquarium should not be not less than 50 liters, the vegetation should be positioned mainly on the sides and on the back so as to leave ample free space for swimming. It is a herd fish sois better to buy at least 5/10 specimens and place them with dark material background to enhance colors. It is a peaceful fish and coexists well with other peaceful fish, do not live with cichlids of medium and large size. Very recommended for aquariums with particular detail like plantings or special arrangements, it will not move anything. Sexual dimorphism is not very obvious, females exhibit a body bigger and bloated on abdomen than the males. It is oviparous fish and fertilization is external there is no cure to the eggs, playing hard in home aquariums. To favor the reproduction, increase acidity, and temperature up to 24° Celsius. The eggs that are more or less 150 200, will hatch alone after 24 hours. It is a carnivorous fish, like granules of animal origin, small flakes or brine shrimp, Sea Monkey Artemia Napulii. Price to buy 2/3 €.

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The Neon Tetra is very similar to the Cardinal Tetra. How do you tell the difference between a Neon Tetra and a Cardinal Tetra? The difference lies in the coloration. Cardinal Tetras hold their coloration from the tip of the mouth to the end of the tail. Neon Tetras have a small break in the red lining that runs down their side. Their belly is often a white-silver coloration. Neon Tetras will not grow as large, often maximum size is less than 1″. Neon Tetras are extremely cheap and can be bought at almost any pet store or LFS. For this reason they are the best budget solution when a school of fish is required. Purchasing 50-100 in a very large aquarium will make for a stunning display.

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Red Neon - Paracheirodon axelrodi - Cheirodon axelrodi - Hyphessobrycon cardinalis - aquarium fish profile During the night, when the fish is resting in a sheltered place, the sparkling colours will be turned off and the fish will look dim. If you quickly turn on the lights in the aquarium after a longer period of complete darkness, you might not notice your Neon Tetras at first. If the colouration continues to be dull even after some time in the light, your tetras might be ill or stressed. You might also be keeping them on an inadequate diet.

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The Neon Tetra is often mixed up with the Cardinal Tetra, since they both feature striking red and blue stripes. The Cardinal Tetra is even sometimes referred to as “Red Neon Tetra” in everyday language, even though it is in fact a separate species and not a colour variation of the Neon Tetra. Distinguishing these two species from each other is however not difficult at all if you know what to look for. Under the sparkling blue stripe, you will see a red lateral stripe in both species. If this red strip ends roughly halfway from the nose of the fish, you are looking at a Neon Tetra. If the striping instead continuous much longer, you are looking at a Cardinal Tetra. The name Cardinal Tetra is derived from the long, red robes worn by cardinals and these robes do not end half-way.

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