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Red Fish Toys is located in Bayville, New York, and was founded in 2010 by a mom just looking for the best quality products for children everywhere. Her travels led her to start a line of wood puzzles. But this is not your ordinary line of puzzles, rather these puzzles are made out of rubber wood and crafted by hand in Sri Lanka. The quality is superb, and all puzzles use non-toxic coatings which meet or exceed all U.S. testing standards.

Red Fish Toys is founded by a mom who, like every other mom, wants the best for her little one

There is a clear relationship in the improvement of hand-eye coordination through the manipulation of individual puzzle pieces. Another bonus comes in the cultivation of patience. Children who work on puzzles understand that the completion of the project requires a time investment, making it easier for them to approach school and real-life problem-solving situations. According to research appearing in the September 2012 edition of Science, early childhood experiences are particularly important. Children become interested in puzzles in early childhood, making it the ideal time to stock up on fun, educational toys that enhance mental development, like those from Red Fish Toys.

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Red Fish Toys, wooden toddler toys | Contact Us Red Fish Toys is founded by a mom who, like every other mom, wants the best for her little one. The mission is to create "fun and "educational" toys for children who deserve the best.

Red Fish puzzles encourage creativity and imagination. They help children to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. All Red Fish products are carefully hand-crafted of rubber wood, using non-toxic paint or coatings.

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“Red Fish Toys was created with love and with the passion to offer a natural, eco-friendly, educational line to the children who deserve the best,” founder Seyda Dener reveals. Each hand-painted wooden puzzle offered by the company has been kid-approved. Quality materials (like non-toxic paints and rubber wood from Sri Lanka) and craftsmanship ensure that each puzzle is more than just a fun toy: it becomes a multi-generational keepsake. Plus, each puzzle meets or exceeds US Safety standards so parents can rest easy if a brightly-colored puzzle piece gets “tasted” by their little one.

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