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Unlike most Catfish which are tropical fish, the little Peppered Cory prefers much cooler temperatures, which makes it ideal for a sub-tropical community set up. Like most Corydoras, the Peppered Cory loves company of its own kind and should be kept in groups of at least 4-5. Corys require a soft substrate in order to keep their healthy, sand or very fine gravel is ideal and will mean you get to see its natural digging behaviour. These are exceptionally peaceful fish that will not bother tank mates, indeed they'll troll around the bottom of the tank oblivious to any other occupants. They will struggle in very strong currents, best kept in lightly planted tanks, or with plants that don't mind their roots being disturbed, with equally peaceful sub-tropical fish.

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In this video I will be going over my seven simple, yet sexy, red plants for fish tanks The Axolotl is a Salamander stuck in its larval form. It is a bit of a freak of nature, even in this larval form it breeds and rarely "transforms" into a land-based Salamander. The Axolotl MUST have very cool consistent temperatures, it will suffer in warm water. It is also prone to having it's long external gills nipped by fish and is therefore best kept in species tanks. It will also try and eat anything it can fit in its mouth, including invertebrates, fish and other Axolotls! This could also include their substrate so they are best kept on large river rocks, too large to be eaten, or shallow sand no deeper than 2.5cm (1"). They are very messy and will require a very well filtered, but without strong current, and fully cycled tank. They don't require a deep tank, at least the length of their body in depth should be fine, they will often just perch near the surface, not being overly active animals except at feeding time. They also do not require very heavily oxygenated water, indeed if it's too oxygenated their gills will shrink and wither! Read our article linked above for more details on these creatures.

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These shrimp are a much hardier option for shrimp tanks compared to Crystal Reds. They are best kept in a mature planted tank with good algae growth on which to graze. They are sensitive to water chemistry fluctuations. Keep in groups with a good mix of males and females, females are more red and bulky than males. They breed best in cooler temperatures. Provide some dense plants like to hide in. They should not be kept with fish that could eat them and are ideally kept in shrimp only tanks. They can be mixed with shrimp, but should not be kept with other to avoid hybridising.

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