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This video show you red gravel purchased for a new fish tank. Prior to putting the gravel into the aquarium it is important to thoroughly rinse the gravel to remove any dust and debris. If you don't pre-wash your gravel the filter will not normally clear the dust and your water will remain murky, the only way to fix this would be to remove all the gravel from the aquarium and clean it properly.

These are the best steps to achieve clean gravel for your fish tank;
1. Tip a small amount of the gravel in a medium sized container.
2. Cover the gravel in the container with water and use your hand to agitate the gravel.
3. Pour out the dirty water and repeat steps 1. and 2. Approx 3-4 times or until the water runs clear.
4. Put your clean gravel into a bucket to be transferred into your aquarium.

Natural crystal red jasper gravel fish tank aquarium decoration flower crystals pot magnets pillow stone tumbled stone

Imagitarium Strawberry Red Aquatic Substrate forms dreamy landscaped fields for your fresh or saltwater fish. This bold, eye-catching aquarium gravel helps accentuate green plants or the whimsical decor dressing your tank.

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Natural crystal red jasper gravel fish tank aquarium decoration flower crystals pot magnets pillow stone tumbled stone Gravel and stones are popular choices for freshwater tanks. They create a natural look for the tank and they are easy to clean. They are a better alternative to colored glass pebbles which, however pretty, are not always the best choice for a large fish tank. Glass pebbles aren't necessarily bad for your fish, they simply do not provide as much surface area for good bacteria to colonize. You need good bacteria to keep the nitrogen levels in your tank in check. Glass pebbles over time will break down, as is natural, and gravel will erode as well. However, the glass pebbles will have sharper edges whereas the gravel will just become finer. Glass pebbles are pretty, but they are just for show. It would not be harmful to have a few of them scattered throughout the bottom of the tank, as they will add some color. Just be sure to change them out once they begin to show signs of wearing down.

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I bought a 10gal aquarium about 6 months ago I had bought 4 glow fish and 2 neon tetra and the black light for the glow fish. The glow fish would hide under the filters and then after about 1 week they started dying I tested the water with the test strips and it was fine I went to petsmart with a water sample they said it was fine and replaced the fish about a week later it happened again so I got different fish 2 none tetra 2 red lid tetra and then petsmart sold be a bunch of chemicals for the tank I have done complete water changes bought new gravel and my fish keep dying please help

What size tank is it and how many fish do you have?