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The Comet can be a variety of different colors and patterns. The most traditional coloration is the yellow-orange, orange-red color ranges. They can also come in several different patterns including calico. This particular calico pattern is unique in that is appears as red and white patches that over the entire body of the Comet Goldfish.

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Goldfish are commonly bred on fish farms in many parts of the world. In most instances, the fish produced are offered for sale to aquarists. However, in North America, there is a demand for goldfish used as bait or "feeder fish" to other fish by . Due to the relatively inexpensive prices of comet goldfish, they may also be used as prizes in carnivals or other places of entertainment. The use of goldfish as bait, feeder fish and carnival prizes is controversial, and animal rights activists have attempted to make the practice illegal, albeit unsuccessfully.

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Sarasa Comet Goldfish | Live GoldFish Red Yellow Comet Sarasa Shubunkin 4-5" good for Pond The goldfish of today are descendants of a species of wild carp known as the Prussian Carp, Silver Prussian carp, or Gibel Carp (syn: ), which was described by Bloch in 1782. These wild carp originated in Asia; Central Asia (Siberia). They inhabit the slow moving and stagnant waters of rivers, lakes, ponds, and ditches feeding on plants, detritus, small crustaceans, and insects.For many years, it was believed that goldfish had originated from the Crucian Carp described by Linnaeus in 1758. This fish has a wide range across the waters of the European continent, running west to east from England to Russia, north to Scandinavian countries in the Arctic Circle and as far south as the central France and the Black Sea. However, recent genetic research points to as a more likely ancestor.Goldfish were originally developed in China. The first goldfish were normally a silver or gray color, but early in the Jin Dynasty, somewhere between the years 265 - 420, breeders noted a natural genetic mutation that produced a yellowish orange color. It became common practice to breed this pretty golden fish for ornamental garden ponds.By the 1500's goldfish were traded to Japan, to Europe in the 1600's, and to America by the 1800's. The majority of the fancy goldfish were being developed by Asian breeders. The results of this centuries-long endeavor is the wonderful goldfish colors and forms we see today. Domesticated goldfish are now distributed world-wide.The Comet Goldfish was the first variety of the single-tail goldfish to be developed with a long caudal (tail) fin. It was developed in the United States from the Common Goldfish in the early 19th century, presumably by Hugo Mullert of Philadelphia, who then introduced them in quantity into the market. The Comet Goldfish is one of more than 125 captive-bred varieties of goldfish that have been developed.

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This slender-bodied fish featuring bright red and crisp white colors is not the most popular selection for outdoor ponds. This native of China grows up to 18 inches -- pretty large for a pond goldfish. Today's pet-store version of the wakin is a descendent of the Chinese gibel carp. He is a friendly fish who quickly begins to surface once he learns regular feeding times. He will overwinter provided you keep a hole allowing for the exchange of oxygen drilled through the ice. This is necessary because the fish does not hibernate. He is a fast swimmer: Best pond mates are shubunkin or comet goldfish.

The Sarasa Comet Goldfish has a white-and-red coloration on its body