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When I visit aquariums I always notice adults refer to fish that were featured in Disney’s Finding Nemo by their Finding Nemo character names. Their children repeat it back “ooh yeah, there is another Dory Fish or Bruce Shark or Nemo Fish.” Although this is a great way to make a connection between the fish and something they are familiar with, a great way to continue educating is to take it one step further and also teach them about the real species of fish on which these characters are based. That was the inspiration behind the first ‘Real Fish of Finding Nemo’ video I made. To ensure that a connection is being made between the fish, the character and the real species, I made the first Real Fish of Finding Nemo about the main characters. After that video, there were requests for the rest of the animals to be featured so here is the 2nd of 4 videos on the real animals from Finding Nemo. Enjoy!

Take our quiz and see if you can identify these weird fish names are real fish species, or completely made up.

It occurs to me that a classroom teacher could make use of this concept. The teacher could give the students a list of 100 different fish names (from Trumpetfish to Rudderfish to Jewelfish), ask the students to make predictions about the characteristics of the fish based on the name, then research their unique species. Or, students could brainstorm a list of 'silly' fish names, then do research to determine which ones are real fish and which ones are not.

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Can you pick the real fish names? Test your knowledge on this science quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others. Quiz by trilobiteys. Ranker has fish in the office. They are real fish with real bodies and real lives, real dreams, and real heartbreak. This list doesn't include fish living in fish bodies, but instead, people, movies, bands, foods, and other things that have "fish" in their names. Some examples of these things are: Swedish Fish, , and Laurence Fishburne. Also Go Fish, the game. Also that band Fishbone that was on "Saturday Night Live" once in the '90s. As far as real fish bodies go, there are are few foods that include fish meat, like fish tacos, which are pretty good, and crawfish (or crayfish, if you prefer [but not crawdads]), which aren't really fish, but are still called that. Also Goldfish, which are not fish at all, but cracker snacks. Please add other fish-type things that are missing, and vote up . Don't forget that Albert Fish was a !

The ridgeback prawn gets its name from its hard shell.

And, thus, began our great discovery about compound fish names: There are a million of them! We went on to name countless real fish names based on other animals.

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