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- Breeding and raising the Australian Rainbow fish, Pseudomugil gertrudae and Pseudomugil signifer.
- A guide to feeding rainbowfish
- An introduction to Rainbowfish
- Information about ho to setup an aquarium for rainbowfish.
- Learn how to breed these fish.
- Information on different diseases that commonly infect these fish.
- Information about how to keep rainbow fish and avoid some common problems.

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Maintaining an aquarium can be easy once you know the basics. When your setup is complete with gravel, water conditions and proper temperature, you may want to add aquarium safe decorations, not only for your enjoyment but will help in keeping a stress-free environment for your fish. Adding ceramics and plants to your aquarium will give your fish hiding places and make them feel secure. You will then be ready to add your fish.

You will want to start your tank with animals that have the greatest chance of surviving the cycling process which can take 4 to 6 weeks. It’s best to start with mid-water fishes like tetras, rasboras, and rainbow fish are great choices. Avoid all bottom dwelling animals until after the ammonia and nitrite are no longer detectable.

Other ways to start the cycling process faster is to purchase specific products that can cycle your tank up to 2 weeks sooner.
This process is a good way to cycle your tank without having a loss of fish during that time period.

Rainbow Fish - AC Tropical Fish

Rainbowfish Aquarium - Information about ho to setup an aquarium for rainbowfish. I've had rainbow fish for years and it's not hard to keep rainbow fish. But Gary Lange is the main man for advice on keeping rainbowfish.


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Gary doesn't sell rainbowfish, but If you are looking for some BADASS Rainbow Fish, Check out Imperial Tropicals. Use the Promo Code "DFT5" and save 5%! (tell them you saw this on YT too :) Click here:

Here's another great fish room:

Here is a visit to this mans house (its INSANE :)

Here is a Video of how Gary cleans his tanks...

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Rainbowfish are awesome. I had to pin Gary down to get this video. I hope you all enjoyed it. You can see in the video links his setups... insane. He's got all different kinds of Rainbows and breed GOBBS of them. I was shocked to hear how much meat he feeds his. I was always a 70% veggie guy like I said in the video.

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Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish, Melanotaenia praecox, Neon Rainbowfish

I have wanted Boesemani Rainbows for years, but I've heard that you need a huge tank to put them in (one source claims MINIMUM of 157 gallons). Well, one of the foremost experts on Rainbows wrote that you could put 10 in a 20 gallon tank for a nice display. So who is right? I'm going to find out.

Sure, I'd love to drop my fish into a six foot tank, but I can't right now, so we'll see if I can keep these little guys happy in a paltry 29 gallon tank. Honestly, I think people just make up minimum numbers all the time. You're taking a fish that is used to swimming in miles of river or a billion gallon lake and you put it in a six foot aquarium? All aquariums are compromises when you look at the habitat the fish came from. Minimum size should be where you can keep the critters alive and healthy for near their full lifespan. Time will tell if my setup meets that criteria.

Sorry for the editorial. These fish were purchased a week and a half ago. Seven in all (four males, three females, I think). Two males (Alpha and Beta) colored up the next morning and began displaying. The other two have yet to do anything spectacular, but I'm hoping they will grow into their color. The females are pretty too, with a lot of iridescent green. Alpha male is the brightest fish, followed closely by Beta. None are displaying at the moment.

If anyone is wondering how my experiment turns out, I will try to post update videos as time passes. I haven't seen a lot of videos out there of young rainbowfish.

They are also rugged and will adapt to many tank setups