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2. Prime
is my favorite aquarium water conditioner. It is made by SeaChem Laboratories, an American company specializing in fish meds and other aquatic products for the last 35 years. It can detoxify ammonia and nitrite for up to 48 hours. I always recommend it for new aquarium hobbyists. Any time there is an ammonia spike, you can make it temporary harmless to the fish by doing a partial water change with Prime.

To remove chlorine from tap water so that it’s safe for your aquarium, you’ll need a prime water conditioner. And  is what the pros recommend.

Seachem has an entire line of aquarium products that are excellent, while Prime is my personal favorite, they also offer products that encourage plant growth, stabilize the water conditions, clear up cloudy waters, etc. I would certainly recommend any one of their products as they are tried and true, and well worth the money. I spent hundreds of dollars on products that simply didn’t work before coming across Seachem products, and despite costing more initially, they were a much better product that tends to last longer over all.

Seachem Labs Prime Aquarium Water Conditioner 250ml

Prime Aquarium Water Conditioner at PetSmart. Shop all fish water care & conditioning online. Step I – To cycle with fish, first make sure the filter is running, the heater is giving the right water temperature, and the air pump is making bubbles. Add as few fish as possible into your prepared aquarium.

Step II
– Test the water every day for ammonia and nitrite. Since the tank is uncycled, you will be able to pick up small trace of ammonia fairly quick (usually in a day or two). If you have used SeaChem Prime as water conditioner, the reading you get should be ammonium instead of ammonia.

You can buy prime aquarium water conditioner

Then we have various types of nitrogen: ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Each one or more of these can be in municipal water supplies. If one of them is, you probably should use a conditioner that also targets this. Few do all of this. Some will detoxify ammonia, a couple will do ammonia and nitrite (Ultimate and Prime, there is another I can never remember), and to my knowledge only Prime also handles nitrate. The purpose of a conditioner that deals with whichever of these is present in the tap water is to handle the initial influx of a very toxic substance (in the case of ammonia and nitrite, less so with nitrate depending upon level). Conditioners like Prime are effective for about 24 hours, by which time the aquarium's plants and/or bacteria should be able to handle the residue.

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Prime has the highest concentration amongst all aquarium water conditioners. Thus it can save some cost in the long term when compared to other products. It never expires according to the manufacturer. So getting the biggest bottle you can find is economical. On a side note, Prime smells like sulfa from the bottle but it is completely normal. You won’t be able to smell it after you have put it in the aquarium water. No other aquarium water conditioning product is required to make tap water safe. Prime removes chlorine and chloramine (even in high chloramine levels), and detoxifies ammonia and nitrite. Provides essential ions and stimulates natural slime coat. Prime also detoxifies any heavy metals found in the tap water at typical concentration levels. When used during cycling, Prime enhances nitrate removal and does not cause a pH drop or overactivate protein skimmers. Great for setting up new aquariums, or when adding or changing water, or to remove nitrate. Use 1 ml for each 10 gallons of water. For freshwater or saltwater use. 100 ml treats 1,000 gallons; 250 ml treats 2,500 gallons; 500 ml treats 5,000 gallons; 2 liter treats 20,000 gallons.